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Facebook Rolls Out Facebook for Business


There’s a lot of buzz right now around the fact that your business cannot have a Google+ profile. Businesses left and right have seen their Google+ profiles shut down. It’s not that they’re never going to allow businesses to have a profile page (that would be dumb), they’re just still working out all of the details of what it would look like exactly.

How do you get your business name out there when doing a Google search then? Facebook has the answer. They’ve rolled out Facebook for Business, which shows you how to use Pages, Ads and Stories to get the word out and increase your business presence on the web.

The tagline says “Learn how to grow your business with Facebook’s powerful marketing tools”. Here are a few of the key points and how it works:

  • Build a presence by creating a page, claiming your place and making your website social by adding special features like the “Like” button.
  • Engage your community by joining the conversation, building relationships and gaining valuable insights about your audience
  • Get the word out with ads and sponsored stories

Overall this seems like a great addition to Facebook and I plan on digging in a little more to see how I can improve on what I already have set up with them. If people can’t find you and don’t know about you, what’s the point?

What are your first impressions of Facebook for Business?



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