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The Secret Facebook iPad App


TechCrunch revealed the Facebook iPad app, which sort of seems like a secret at the moment. It’s hidden inside the code for Facebook‘s iPhone app, which possibly means it’s not really supposed to be for public use yet.

Well, now that everyone seems to be reporting on it, it seems the “secret” is out and Facebook might want to work out a few of the bugs.

Back in 2010, at a Facebook event when Mark Zuckerburg was asked about an app for the iPad he said, “the iPad’s not mobile… it’s a computer”. It seems he’s changed his tune and realized it’s about time to release one, well kind of.

After talking to a source, TechCrunch has been told that this is indeed the app Facebook was planning to launch for the iPad. You can see tons of pictures here and a tutorial of how to install it here.

Some of the bugs that have been reported are Facebook pages crashing and improper text placements.

For those who have been able to play around with the app, they say they’ll definitely use it over the full website and cannot wait for it to officially launch.

Have you installed the Facebook iPad app and if so, what do you think?


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