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Are Mom Bloggers Worthy of Marketing Dollars and Here to Stay?


Some predict mom bloggers are here to stay, while others say their demise is coming soon. I was just reading an interesting article on MomCrunch about why mom bloggers aren’t going anywhere.

As mom blogging exploded, the question “are they worthy of marketing dollars?” was raised. Here’s what MomCrunch has to say about that:

Mom bloggers have been leaders in the blogosphere, early adopters and creating change. The birth of new social media platforms has not weakened our blogs and reach. Instead, we have embraced the new platforms and they have increased our value.

In this feature I posted last week, it shows that moms are listening to brands and those companies know it. The report showed “that both mom bloggers and mommy “status updaters” are vital in terms of marketing and outreach programs”.

MomCrunch ends the article by saying for mom bloggers who can’t “succeed within changing trends, then yes, there may be some troubled times”. I agree. For moms who treat blogging as a business, who act professionally, who get out from behind their computers and engage with brands and other bloggers, then yes, I can see them sticking around for a very long time.

Where do you see the future of both mom bloggers and dad bloggers heading?


  • Deb Ng

    Marketing teams always move to the next big thing. Mom bloggers won’t always be the next big thing.

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