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Friday Findings – July 22, 2011


Friday Findings is a weekly series where I show some link love and bring you interesting stories from around the web. From social media news and viral videos, to news on technology and more.

Google+ To Challenge Facebook for Game Developers With Lower Fees [REPORT] – News of Google’s new gaming platform has hit the web. Reportedly, Google will host games on its own servers, which could make the games faster.

Google Plus Best Practices: Trey Ratcliff, Artist – Google+ isn’t just for the techies. Artist Trey Ratcliff says it’s become his main social platform.

Google+ reached 10m users in 16 days. Want to know how long it took Facebook and Twitter? – It took Google+ 16 days to reach 10 million and Facebook over 2 years. What about Twitter and LinkedIn?

How Much is that Facebook Fan Worth Anyway? – See what one company says the average value of a Facebook fan is. Is it zero? This author says so, until you can monetize on them.

How to Fix Facebook’s New Broken Chat System (YES!) -Are you confused with Facebook’s new chat system? One guy came up with a fix to take friends who are offline, off the list.

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