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StumbleUpon Testing New Feature Called the “Explore Box”


StumbleUpon is testing out a new feature called the “Explore Box”, which allows you to type in keywords related to your interests and the box displays stumbles related to your keyword.

The feature is currently in testing mode with a few select users, but if it does well among those testing it now, we could see it before too long.

The search box isn’t to be used like a search engine obviously, but rather to help you find interesting things related to the key words you typed in. The use of the Explore Box will expand a users StumbleUpon experience and can really help you narrow down a search for a particular topic that interests you.

If this feature does roll out, using keywords while stumbling articles will be more important than ever.

Do you use StumbleUpon and do you think this added feature could be beneficial for users?

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  • Fisch Fail, INC.

    I personally enjoyed the old method of exploring random topics of your choice. It was quite simple as well, on the stumble toolbar click “All,” and then click “Search” and type in your query. I was more than a little dismayed when I woke up one day (8-10-2011), and that feature was gone. I personally (as well as several people I know) want it back.

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