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Amber Naslund Confirmed as Keynote for BlogWorld L.A.


I’m so pleased to announce our next keynote, and I hope I don’t sound like a giddy fan girl as I bring you this news.  Amber Naslund, someone I truly respect in the world of social media, community, blogging, and life is confirmed for BlogWorld L.A.

Not only did Amber agree to keynote, but she also graciously agreed to do a brief interview with us to discuss her participation at BlogWorld West.

At BlogWorld 10, you and Jay Baer gave your “Now Revolution” talk in anticipation of your book’s release. Tell us about your year since then, because it’s been pretty eventful.

Eventful is an understatement! I’m so delighted that the support of the book has been beyond what we could have imagined. My awesome colleagues at Radian6 were incredibly encouraging and supportive, and the community at large has just rallied around it like I never anticipated. The travel schedule was brutal, but it was an amazing way to connect with a lot of people and most importantly be helpful to groups trying to get their arms around what social is doing to their businesses on the inside. I loved every crazy minute, and am very proud of what Jay and I put out there into the business world.

You’re keynoting at BlogWorld LA, Amber. Why a keynote and why BlogWorld?

BlogWorld was one of the first conferences I attended as the new media scene started to emerge in a concrete way. It’s one of my favorite events of the year both for the content, which has just gotten better each year, and for the opportunity to connect with so many of my colleagues and peers in one place. There’s great camaraderie at BlogWorld, and I can’t think of a more exhilarating place to take on the big stage and hope to share a little bit of my enthusiasm and perspective with a really energized group.

Tell us about your keynote. What will you be talking about?

I don’t want to give it all away. But as individuals in the new media world today, there’s this incredible collision and convergence happening around our personal selves and our professional selves. I’m going to talk a bit about what that third persona is – the one that’s a blend of both with a few unique characteristics- what they look like, and why they’re best poised to take business to a whole new level.

What takeaways do you hope attendees will walk away with? What actions are you hoping to inspire?

I’m hoping to show the BlogWorld audience that they’re not imagining the shift, and that they can find a balance between personal and professional, show their character and their human dimension, and be the indispensable and sought-after future human catalysts for more social businesses.

Here’s your chance to tell the BlogWorld community anything you like. It can be a pitch, a comment or question. Go!

Well that’s open-ended! But I’ll rein in the temptation to misbehave and simply say that I cannot *wait* to be part of BWE’s new adventures in L.A. The BlogWorld community is one of the most dynamic ones in the industry, and I’m really looking forward to seeing all of you in November.


We’re looking forward to Amber’s keynote and hope you are too!



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