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Moms are 40% More Likely to Follow Brands on Social Media Than Dads


A new study shows why brands are reaching out to moms, mom bloggers in particular, more than dads. The results show that moms are 40% more likely to follow brands on social media sites than dads. What does that show? That moms are listening to brands and brands know it.

The report is entitled Moms and Media 2011, which focused on moms in general and how they consume media and interact on social media.

Here are a few of their key findings:

  • Moms have come to depend on the Internet for everyday life as their most “essential” medium
  • Moms spend more time online daily than the general population, crossing the 2.5 hour threshold in 2011
  • Moms are highly active on Facebook, with 62% of American mothers having a profile on the popular social networking service
  • Smartphone ownership among Moms has exploded in two years, with 36% reporting smartphone ownership (compared to 31% for the general population)

The report shows that both mom bloggers and mommy “status updaters” are vital in terms of marketing and outreach programs.

Do you think brands will continue to reach out to mom bloggers for marketing and do you see this trend slowing down or speeding up?

Source: Social Media Today


  • Kavya Hari

    In other words, most of the mother are working in social media sites as compared to gents. Yeah, it’s really true aspects because all the more should be more aware about it.

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