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101 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Google+


Today, I have a special edition for Brilliant Bloggers for you all – on the subject that absolutely everybody that seems to writing about: Google+. Since this new social media platform is brand new, I didn’t single out anyone’s posts like I usually do, but instead groups them into topic areas. If you wrote a post about Google+ as well that I missed, believe me, it was definitely unintentional/ Please feel free to comment with a link to your post!

And yes, for the record, it took me 20+ hours to compile this list of resources. I lost count after realizing that I hadn’t showered or eaten all day Sunday as I was finishing. Thank you everyone who made my job a little easier by sending in links! If it’s your first visit here, you might want to follow me on Twitter @allison_boyer – I do link round-ups at least once a week and ask for submissions by topic on Twitter, so it’s a good way to make sure I don’t miss your post. And also so you can remind me to shower when you notice I’ve been on Twitter too many consecutive hours.

Guides and How-To Posts

Photos on Google+

Google+ Circles

Google+ versus Facebook and Twitter

Google+ and SEO

Google+ Hangouts

Google+ for Businesses

Other Google+ Opinions

Videos about Google+

Other Great Google+ Link Round-Ups

Again, if I missed your post, please leave a comment below with a link – the more bloggers who share, the better this resource list will be! And for the record, yes, I’ve since showered, much to the relief of my roommate and cat.



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