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Catch a Sneak Peek at Google’s Photsharing Service “Photovine”


We now have a little (and we mean a little) more information about Google’s new photo sharing service Photovine. They released a registration page and a “Warm and Fuzzy” video.

On the registration page you can request an invite, get an idea of what it will look like on your smartphone (pictured below) and watch their teaser video. The simple description is “Photovine is a fun way to learn more about your friends, meet new people, and share your world like never before”.

I requested an invite and received this email:

Thanks for your interest in Photovine! We’ve received your email and added it to our wait list. We’ll be slowly rolling-out invites starting later this month. We’re very excited about Photovine and can’t wait for you to join us!

Thanks again for signing up and for your patience while we distribute invites.

Watch the teaser video below, which I am fairly certain features the adorable and uber-famous dog Boo, who has his own Facebook page. Boo definitely fits the title of the video which is “Warm and Fuzzy” and I guess the harry guy fits the “Fuzzy” part. As one photo is taken and shared, it explains Photovine’s motto “plant a photo, watch it grow”.

There’s still a lot to be unveiled about Photovine and we’ll do our best to stay on top of it, as well as test it out when it’s made available.

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  • Alfee

    The concept is pretty interesting, linking photos through descriptions. I think it will probably be integrated with Google+

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