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McDonald’s Canada Puts Out a Call for Mom Bloggers


What do you do when you want to educate consumers about your brand? It seems you call on the mom bloggers. At least that’s what McDonald’s Canada is doing. They want real moms to go behind the golden arches.

It’s called the “All-Access Moms” program, which is a joint partnership between McDonald’s and the television show Cityline.

What’s it all about exactly? McDonald’s Canada has put out a casting call for mom bloggers who want to learn about the chain’s food quality and safe practices. Five moms will be chosen and they’ll blog abut their experience on their own blogs, as well as a microsite devoted to the program.

The June 26th cut-off date for submissions has already been reached and it will be interesting to watch this program unfold.

Karin Campbell, senior manager, external communications for McDonald’s Canada, explained what the goal of the program is. She said, “It’s a response to the questions that we know Canadians have about our brand. This is just a more formal way to answer them and use an important customer for us, which is moms, to answer stakeholder questions.”

McDonald’s has often come under fire from both health and animal rights groups.

So what do you think – is this a smart way to spread the word about your brand, while providing your company with some reputation management? Sound off in the comments!

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