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Google+ Reaches 10 Million Users


It’s the greatest growth in social media ever. Google+ has reached 10 million users! Just this past Saturday (July 9th), its numbers were at 7.3 million and if the invite button stays active, the prediction is it could reach 20 million users by this weekend.

What do these numbers show us exactly? It shows people are curious as to what another social network has to offer. It shows the demand for another social network is obviously there. Yes, Facebook has 750 million users, half of who log on daily, but the Google+ numbers seem to show it has a fair chance of surviving and staying a fierce competitor.

Bill Gross, founder and CEO of Idealab, is very impressed with the growth of Google+. In fact, he’s made his own numbers prediction in this post.

I predict that Google+ will go from 0 to 100,000,000 users faster than any other service in history.

Okay, that’s a bold proclamation – here’s why I think it will achieve that.

The service is great. It is timely. People are engaging with it like crazy. There are rumors that there are already 4.5m people. That might be high. It might be as low as 1m, or even lower, but my guess is that it’s more than 1m people already. That already is probably the fastest growing service (0 to 1m) ever. Now it’s not completely fair, since when Facebook started, and when Twitter started, etc. those were tiny companies, and Google is huge. However, the product is extremely well executed, and a lot of people are smitten.

The next year will tell. Will there be bumps in the road? Sure. Will Facebook and Twitter fight back with more innovation? Of course! But I’m saying that Google+ is already good enough, and the team on Google+ is being so responsive in a way that makes me believe they have a real winner here.

Let me know what you think. Am I being too optimistic? I can’t wait to see how this next year in Social Networking plays out.

What do you think about the growth of Google+?


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