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It’s True. Twitter’s @PeanutFreeMom is a Guy


Do you follow @PeanutFreeMom on Twitter? Maybe you’ve even been a tad bit offended by one of her “parenting tips” or tweets about her sweet, little Caleb.

Here’s the most recent Caleb tweet “Caleb just made me a ‘Happy Birthday Mommy’ picture with our left over whole wheat organic macaroni. He’s so creative.”

(And this picture on the left – that’s a picture of PeanutFreeMom and Caleb at the beach.)

Not only is this Twitter account gaining quite the following (7,041 at the time of this writing), making some people mad and annoyed, while making others laugh hysterically – @PeanutFreeMom is a guy. Yes, it’s true.

According to the L.A. Times, the Twitter name was thought up in a bar, where all great ideas are created right?

They received this email, after first posting this story, from the man who said he started the account :

“I am not a comedian. I work with kids,” he wrote. “I made the account to make my friends laugh. I am not trying to make light of the peanut allergy or single mothers. I just wanted to create a character that was overwhelmingly pompous upper-middle class divorcee that dishes out parenting advice.

“All the Parenting Tips are actual things I heard throughout my career in working with children,” he said. “I WAS surprised at how quickly it caught on. It started on a Sunday and had 5,000 followers within a week. I happened to be on vacation at the time and had a LOT of time to tweet. I’ve started a few fake accounts, but none of them really took off.”

5,000 within a week?! I thought only semi-famous people’s accounts grew that fast. Why do you think this Twitter account gained traction so fast and what are your feelings on fake accounts like these?

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