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President Obama Holds Twitter Town Hall


Yesterday afternoon, President Obama sat down on Twitter for the first ever Twitter Town Hall event, where fans and critics alike could ask questions in an open format. The questions were asked in the days prior, sent to the #AskObama hashtag. From there, Twitter search algorithms identified the most engaged-with Tweets, and those questions were then given to the President.

Obama threw out the first tweet to start the event, addressing the budget:

in order to reduce the deficit,what costs would you cut and what investments would you keep – bo,

After that, he answered questions orally and staff members tweeted summaries of the responses to the @townhall account.

Because of the duration of the event, and the length with which President Obama took to answer the questions, he was only able to answer 18 of them … a small fraction of the several thousands submitted. He pointed out that brevity is not his strong suit. “I know, Twitter, I’m supposed to be short,” he said. In fact, The Associated Press calculated that if the president tried to tweet his first answer, it would have been 2,300 characters long!

But, really, can you blame him? A 140 character answer to some of the country’s most pressing answers just wouldn’t have cut it.

What Questions Were Asked?

According to Mashable, the Twitter Town Hall received 169,395 questions and Twitter reported the questions could be categorized according to the following areas:

  • Jobs: 32%
  • Taxes: 18%
  • The Budget: 18%
  • Education 11%
  • Random: 29%

And, according to TwitSprout’s #AskObama Twitter Dashboard, the most retweeted question asked was: “Would you consider legalizing marijuana to increase revenue and save tax dollars by freeing up crowded prisons, court rooms.

The President didn’t respond.

Was the Twitter Town Hall a Success?

Most people say, from a social media perspective, the event was a success. The president picked up nearly 30,000 new followers at his campaign account, @barackobama, putting him above 9 million followers. Not to mention the networks that aired the event live, and Obama getting in front of youth and the social media savvy crowd.

What do you think?

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  • Black Seo Guy

    Even the man in the big White House uses Twitter to communicate to the world.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • Rexteryalizer Rex

    And  JUST one more thing  if you will allow//

    And no disrespect or distain is intended for the OFFICE of our GREAT PRESIDENCY and White House.

    Respect and honor and a great varity of reasons hold the United States Presidency in our Prayers and hopes for continued blessing and truthfull success.

    BUT the truth is  STILL THE  TRUTH  .

    oBOMA does what he has to do~~~   just to get by. 

      Feeding his donors and supporters Un merited  fuel,  is HIS only OBJECTIVE.

    this  is HIS main OBJECTIVE.

    The only REASON things get done, is because the people who SURROUND oBOMA,  Drape the 

    American Flag around him, WHILE HE shoves it off of himself, in disheveled pride. and NUMB ignorance.
    While, He admits, Boldly and sneeringly, he has done plenty of COCAINE. 
    Please Use your head and tell us,  BECAUSE we need and deserve  to know… 
    Why would we want a NUMB cacK heaD in the White House. 
    oBOMA should have stayed *( WHERE HE WAS ) ~ in the cracK house. !

  • PJ Munday

    Mr. President, to simulate the economy is very important job, Put desal plants around the coastal water ways ,would do several things. create jobs, help solve fresh  water problem and create a whole new industry. At the same time get out of this protracted war we are in.If we continue on this path we are in we will end up like the ROMAN Empire did. That will not solve anything except give the enemy what it is striving for, the fall of the United States.We need the Government, our elected officals to start thinking of  ways to get people back to work, or ower country will fall and most of the free world with it.

  • Stop Foreclosure

    Great post Nikki. Its been a while since I read this authentic explanation of the topic.

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