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Why Should I Attend a Conference If I’m Just a Mom Blogger?


Before I go any further, I need to clarify that no one is JUST a mom blogger. Regardless of what you blog about, you have a voice and we all have equal opportunity on the internet to share our voice. Now that we got that out of the way, why should you attend a blogging conference?

1. Because you are not alone.  You are not blogging in a vacuum. Having been to several conferences a year for the last 3 years, I know that meeting my blogging tribe in person has made a huge difference in my writing, my enthusiasm for blogging and in my own personal life. No matter how much social networking takes over our lives, there is no substitute for networking in person.

2. Because you will learn a lot. Every time I go to a conference, I learn so much, it would take years for me to implement it all. No matter how long you’ve been blogging, you do not know it all and you will learn from others at a conference.

3. Because you deserve a break. Attending a conference is an excellent excuse to get out of the house and away from your kids. I know you love your kids very much, but it is true, “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” That applies to children as well as spouses. I always come back from a conference feeling like I can take on the world. I know that my trips away have made me a better parent. It is also important for your kids to know that when you leave, you come back.

4. Because you will meet new friends. Some of my best friends I met online because of blogging. When you meet in person, there are none of those odd moments where you don’t know what to say. Regardless of how you met, you are friends and you have a history and you have a connection. You will also meet a lot of new friends and find new blogs to read. The more people you know, the more opportunities will come your way.

5. Because it will force you to get out from behind the computer. I am an introvert and quite shy, so I understand when someone says they are afraid to go to a conference. So am I. Every single time I go to a conference I am both excited and scared. But each time I go and I live through it, it’s another experience I survived and I’m stronger for it. I have even spoken at several conferences and I’ve loved it. You may surprise yourself.

Those 5 reasons are why I try to attend at a minimum 3 conferences every year. When I haven’t attended one in a few months, I get conference withdrawals. I now need to get out and connect with other bloggers.

If you are still unsure, try attending a smaller event near you and work your way up to a big conference like BlogWorld Expo. It is definitely worth the investment in time and money. If you give it your all, you won’t be disappointed. But remember, you get what you give.

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  • Wendy DelMo


    I totally agree.   I attended my first conference  a bit ago )Blog World Expo NY) and it was awesome.  I learned so much, my head was spinning.  When you’re home blogging, you can be stuck in your blogging rut, but BWENY taught me so many things that I  have used to increase my readership and make my blog a better place!  Plus, I got to speak to other adults who speak “blog” !  
    I can’t wait for my next conference!

  • Lara Kulpa

    I couldn’t agree more, Michele! My first conference was BWE, and I haven’t missed one since. I love the people I’ve made friends with over the years, and I love reconnecting with them in person even more.

    It’s easy to get ourselves stuck in the notion that blogging is for people who want to stay in their pajamas til noon, not go out of the house, and do all our business with a computer screen, and that’s just not right on many levels. Success is based on relationships, and you can’t have a relationship with words on a screen. You can, however, enjoy some real laughs, deep conversations, and even hugs with people who have the same interests and goals as you, in PERSON!

    Attending sessions is great, and holds a lot of value. Learning by example and listening to people who have “been there, done that” is the best education you can get. But being in the same place with so many people all learning and sharing? Building those connections? That’s even better!

    • scrappinmichele

      You are so right! There is nothing like finding there are others out there who “get you” and feel the same way. 

  • Michele Price

    Michele thank you for stating up front about “No one is “just” a mom Blogger”.  I am all about women being and standing in their brilliance.

    You made some really great points.  It will also uplevel your skills as a blogger.  Heck even after blogging since 2003 I am learning something everyday.

    • scrappinmichele

      I hate when I hear people say that they aren’t going to a conference because they are “just a mom blogger.” ARGH!! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Every conference I go to (outside of BlogWorld) is an excuse to have adult time and a break from the kids!!

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