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Google to Rename Blogger “Google Blogs”


Update: It has been confirmed there are no plans to rename Blogger or kill the brand.

Mashable learned an interesting tidbit of news in regards to two Google owned brands – Blogger and Picasa. It looks like they will be renamed in an effort to unify the Google+ brand.

Blogger and Picasa are two of Google’s most popular products, so they’re definitely not going anywhere. In fact, Blogger is one of the 10 most visited sites in the world.

According to Mashable, Blogger will be renamed “Google Blogs” and Picasa will be renamed “Google Photos”.

It was just back in March that Blogger announced the site would be getting a makeover and that 2011 would be one very exciting year for the company. They said more changes would be unveiled throughout the year and it looks like a name change may be one of them.

When exactly can you expect this to happen? Possibly as soon as 6 weeks! The launch may coincide with the public launch of Google+, which should be on or before July 31st.

For those of you who use either one of these sites, what are your thoughts on this? It’s expected that some users will be upset with the change.


  • Anonymous

    Oh boy… I wonder how much other functionality will change!!

  • Amy Genovesi Howard

    I am excited. And nervous. Mostly nervous. GAH!

  • JTDabbagian

    That’s a pity it’s actually NOT being changed. I’d figure Google would do SOMETHING to make Blogger compete with WordPress. Seriously, you think commenting on a generic WP blog is bad, you’ve never tried to do it on Blogger….

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