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Blog Through Your “Fourth Meal” at Taco Bell with Free Wi-Fi


For those of us who blog for a living and work from home, sometimes it’s nice to get out of the office and work from somewhere else – other than the couch, your bed or home office.

There are times I get stir crazy and head to the nearest Starbucks, Panera Bread or McDonald’s (Hey, I like their coffee.) to take advantage of the free wi-fi. I also hear human interaction is a good thing.

Well, now you can blog and work away during that fourth meal at Taco Bell. The company announced their partnership with Indoor Direct, Inc. to offer free-wifi at 5,600 locations over the next four years.

“Our consumers come to us for great tasting tacos and burritos, and now we’re enriching their experience with the addition of indoorDIRECT’s Restaurant Entertainment Network,” said David Ovens, Chief Marketing Officer, Taco Bell Corp. “As the value leader in Quick-Service Restaurants, The Restaurant Entertainment Network will add even greater value to the Taco Bell experience and feature engaging content such as music, lifestyle, entertainment and sports, and also free Wi-Fi to keep our consumers connected with their friends.”

Now all of you taco, cheesy chewy Chalupa lovers can stuff your face and get your blogging done at the same time. Can life get any better?


  • Work at Westfield

    This is a great service – but make sure it’s used safely.  We have an Information Security blog that just posted tips for using unsecured Wi-Fi networks today – http://infosec.westfieldinsurance.com/2011/07/unsecured-wi-fi-hotspots.html

  • Anonymous

    MMMMmmm, love me a hard taco!

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