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Three Tips for Selling Your Blog


A non-traditional, yet excellent way to generate revenue online is through the buying and selling of web sites, and blogs are no exception. While some bloggers are passionate about their topic and could write about it forever without any intention to sell, others may find blogging tiresome after a while and want to move on. Or the idea to sell a blog might come when a blog receives rapid growth and the blogger wants to quickly flip it.

Either way, it’s important for you to know the steps to take before selling your blog so you can get top dollar. Here are three important tips to make sure you get the most revenue for your blog should you ever sell.

1.) Established Blog and Purpose

Many people are buying web sites and blogs, but the ones that grab the attention of buyers are ones that are established and have a true purpose. I’ve purchased a few blogs for over a thousand dollars that didn’t generate any revenue, yet they were heavily targeted. Finding a quality niche blog is what a lot of buyers are looking for. If you are going to sell your blog, make sure you and your audience know exactly what your blog is about.

2.) Full Stats and Information

Anyone can create content and slap up a wordpress blog, so there needs to be some real content and value to your site. Using services like Google Analytics, you can heavily increase the end purchase price for your blog sale. Analytics and visitor stats show where people are linking to your blog, how long readers stay on your site and where you are ranking in the search engines. All very important factors when a buyer is determining how much they are willing to pay for a web site or blog.

3.) Revenue Generating Blog

Lastly, we have revenue, the main driving factor behind any web site evaluation. Many web sites and blogs listed on domain and web site market places will go for 10 to 30 times monthly revenue earnings. Factor in the authority, age and niche of the web site and you can sway either way. A web site or blog that is proven month after month revenue generation will almost always sell for more than a site that is just loaded up with content and getting page views.

Using a combination of the three methods above, you can create a winning auction listing for your web site or blog. The last thing you want to do is post your site for sale and have little to no information and stats to back it up.

I’ve been successfully buying and sell web sites for many years and I hope these beginner tips have been useful for you. If you’d like to learn more about site flipping, take a look at my new 140+ page book titled “Flip This Web Site“.


  • Corey Freeman

    Excellent post that definitely targeted the three most important areas. I just sold my first money making blog for $800. It was a blog started in support of Headway Themes and had tutorials on how to use the product. I was also using Google Analytics to track the stats. In the end, it really does come down to quality web property and keeping track of the right information.

  • Anonymous

    Good post that give three important tips. Blog posting is one of the best marketing trick. Using blog you can add in google adsence. I am also create blog and add in google analytic tool to track the traffic towards on blog traffic.

    buying and selling of business

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