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Apple’s App Store Now Has Over 100,000 iPad-Exclusive Applications


The original iPad launched on April 23, 2010 and now, according to MacStories, the Apple App store has over 100,000 iPad-exclusive applications. That’s quite a milestone to reach!

Apple and third party developers have set a record with this number. It took them only 453 days to reach 100,000+ apps, which none of their rivals have been able to come close to. Why is Apple’s App store so popular and widely used? Mainly because it’s easy to use, regularly updated and contains a wide variety and large number of apps.

How did MacStories know about this number? It showed up through Apple’s App Store on his iPad, showing 100,161 available apps.

You may be wondering how long it took the iPhone to reach this number of apps. The app store launched on July 10, 2008 and reached this same milestone in 482 days.

What is next for Apple’s App Store? Well, 200,000 apps of course!

For all of you iPad users, what are your favorite iPad-exclusive apps and which ones do you use the most?


  • Brian Johnson

    Thanks Julie for sharing this information. I think iPad well-optimized apps is the reason why iPad has been so superior compared to other tablets across the market to day, especially Android tablets. That’s why many tablet shoppers will pick up iPad instead of Android tablets.

    If you look at Android tablet apps and compared them to iPad-optimized apps, then you will see that iPad apps look much better than Android tablet apps. I believe many game and app developers are putting their efforts mostly on iPad given that iOS ecosystem is more profitable than Android ecosystem.

    But that is totally different now. With the revenue gained by developers on Android platform increasing over the time, right now app developers have become really fair when creating their apps for both platforms, iOS and Android. I just hope that next year will be the year when developers will put more efforts to build much better tablet apps for Android.

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