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StumbleUpon Launches New Widget


StumbleUpon wants to know “Have you ever thought to yourself, man, I’ve got some pretty awesome taste in stuff?”. Why yes, yes I have. If you have as well, then you’ll be happy to hear about the new widget they have launched. Your friends have been able to follow your favorites on StumbleUpon and now, we can all share our favorites on a broader scale.

Introducing, The Widget Creator.

By using the Widget Creator, you can insert one line of code into your blog or website that includes either your favorites or sites that are rated the highest within an interest and/or domain. You can choose from three different sizes including square-ish (300×250), wide rectangle (600×250) and tall rectangle (160×600).

Let’s say you have several domains and you would like to cross promote. The new Widget Creator would allow you to do that. And as Mashable points out, this could also be used as a more polished version of a blogroll.

Will you add the new StumbleUpon Widget to your site? Are there other ways you could see it being used?


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