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What Bloggers can Learn from the Fraggles


I was totally not watching cartoons today. Fraggle Rock is technically live action, since they’re muppets. But just in case that still sounds a little lame, let’s just call it research for this blog post. Yeah, that’s it. It was a necessity for work.

In all honesty, I can’t resist watching Fraggle Rock anytime I see it on TV because I’m a sucker for nostalgia and loved that show as a toddler. But as I was watching it today, I did notice a few parallels I could draw in a blog post here at BlogWorld. Here are a few things that bloggers can learn from the fraggles:

Dance Your Cares Away

The fraggles’ theme song is pretty inspiring to me. Dance your cares away/Worries for another day/Let the music play/Down on Fraggle Rock. Of course, the fraggles are for kids, and as adults we have to actually face problems, at least sometimes, but I think the lyrics still have something to teach us as bloggers. We often spend a lot of time upset, worrying about this and that, and so much effort goes into that worry that we can’t give our blogs the effort it really deserves. Sometimes, you just need to let your worries go so you can turn your attention on what’s really important. Don’t get caught up in the small stuff!

I guess that’s good general life advice, not just blogging advice, hm?

It Takes All Kinds

The main characters of Fraggle Rock are Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober, and Red. They’re all friends, but if you’ve watched the show at all, you know that each fraggle has a very distinct personality. They’re stronger as a group because they complement one another well. Think about your niche the same way. It’s stronger for readers because there are tons of different personalities all working together to populate the web with information about your topic of choice. This also means that you shouldn’t try to fit into a mold. It’s okay to be Boober in a niche full of Reds.

There’s Always Someone Bigger…and Always Someone Smaller

The fraggles aren’t the only ones who live in their little world. There are also the doozers, who are small workers, constantly building intricate structures made of candy that the fraggles love to eat, as well as gorgs, huge creatures who consider the fraggles to be pests, much like we’d regard mice. It’s a good reminder to us that no matter how small we feel, there are other bloggers who are smaller, and no matter how popular we get, there are other bloggers who are more popular. Don’t get discouraged…and don’t get a big head!

Good Advice Comes from Weird Places

The fraggles get sage advice from Marjory. Marjory? Oh, she’s the trash head. That’s right, they get advice from a pile of garbage. The lesson in that is you should never close off yourself to good advice. Advice for your blog or your specific niche can come from a blogger your dislike or someone who is new to blogging or…from Fraggle Rock! Don’t be too caught up in what you think is “right” that you miss out on some great information from unexpected places.



  • Anonymous

    Ha! I love the Fraggles. I’m constantly trying to get my kids to watch it and they just look at me cross-eyed.  Great advice 🙂

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