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Grow Your Blog Now Via Social Media: Wrap-Up


… by Lori Randall Stradtman

Were you able to attend BlogWorld Expo in New York? If not, you missed a wonderful opportunity to meet really cool, savvy people and to learn what they’re best at, complete with tips, tricks, and tutorials. I love the tutorials part.

My session was “Grow Your Blog Now Via Social Media” and I was thrilled to see so many people excited to learn more about integrating Social Media into their blogging activities. These days, one truly supports the other if done well. I shared some of my favorite tips and tricks about Facebook Edgerank. Few people knew that only 1% of status updates make it to the “Top News” wall and that by changing the way you post you can do a lot better than those odds. After all, you can have the goose that lays golden eggs, but if nobody knows about it… It’s not nearly as much fun for all involved.

One of the highlights of the session was to share my Blogging Jump Start Project. It’s a free plan that anybody can use to build their blog much faster and to support their blogging friends. Most of our parents and neighbors don’t understand what it means to have a comment shared on your blog or the excitement you feel when somebody shares a link to it on Facebook or Twitter. Only bloggers really understand. Who better to support each other than other bloggers? I’ll be sharing more about this in my next newsletter, but would be happy to share all on here for those who might have missed this session or those I didn’t get to respond to after we were done. We had to clear out to make room for the next speaker!

It was particularly exciting to see how many women authors responded to my message and have contacted me since then. It’s opened my eyes to where I want to focus in Social Media. Now I’m refining my approach to address their need to build a Social Media platform that will help to sell their books as they publish. It’s a daunting task now that more publishers demand this before they will consider even the most accomplished writers.

Without this uniquely enjoyable BlogWorld speaking experience I would never have met the same people and made the same important refinements in my business plan. THANK YOU!!!

Would you like to know anything else about growing your blog via Social Media? I’m happy to help.

Lori Randall Stradtman designs, speaks professionally, and uses her 8+ years experience in online community and social media to write for Social Media Examiner, Smart Brief, and Enterprise Efficiency. Her company works with clients across North America, the UK, and Australia.


  • Sabine Schmidt

    Wonderful article Lori. I agree Social Media is a wonmderful way to connect and to sell your products. It a pleasure reading your posts, keep them coming. ~Sabi

  • Calla

    I love that you found focus and new direction. You give us so much inspiration already. Of course I want to hear about your new idea for supporting each other’s blogs. It’s true no one but a blogger knows what those comments feel like.

    • Lori Randall Stradtman

      Isn’t it the truth? My Mom has no idea about email, let alone blogging. LOL  My newsletter with all the free, get-down-with-your-blogging stuff comes out in the beginning of July. 😀

  • Michelle Hummel

    Great job Lori! Keep up the awesome work 🙂

  • Maggie

    There is always seems to be things to learn about the Edge Rank system.  I find it very positive to hear encouragement for us to support one another.  It seems like so often we get wrapped up in making our own little world the best and forget that by supporting each other- we all benefit!  Thanks so much for the encouraging words.  I look forward to the next newsletter!

    • Lori Randall Stradtman

      Thank you Maggie!! It’s on it’s way in the very beginning of July.

      It’s a little like high school. You get along so much better and have so much more fun when you have a group of supportive friends! This structure enables that easily.

  • Liz.S.

    Great article, Lori! I am excited to hear that you are focusing on how to create a platform for writers to get their books out there! As an aspiring writer, I believe that social media is a vital marketing tool to get one’s work (or in my case, work in progress) for both feedback and attention. With your expertise, I know that you will be doing a great service to all that seek your guidance! Thanks for all the valuable information that you provide through your blog!

    • Lori Randall Stradtman

      Thank you Liz!!! You’re one tough critic so this is especially welcome feedback!! 

      Am starting a podcast in September called “Literally Social” that will specifically address Social Media for Authors. Tomorrow morning my interview on Jennifer Wilkov’s  Award-Winning “Your Book is Your Hook” publishes to over 250,000 listeners. Pinch me! LOL

      Lots of useful tips are on the way!

  • Eureka Janet

    Lori, you and I have been sharing links for several years now…and I know where it all began. It started by me falling for your blog and FB Page. I liked it and linked to it so often that I had to feature it more that once. And you were so kind that you introduced yourself and we’ve been buddies ever since.

    During this time in our relationship…I’ve had the joy of watching you grow and embrace even more new ideas and concepts. But the New thing always just seems to enhance the outstanding core creative circle of what you, Lori already have created.

    Your creation is YOU… the extra tools you take on are great, and they may enhance…but they are nothing without the creative power of YOU…

    OR…someone like you…;-)

    (good luck finding THAT human~! Ha~!)

  • Nakeva Corothers

    Lori, you are amazing! I missed out on BlogWorld in NYC but knowing some of the people that were speakers is still a plus. Since meeting you I see nothing but true inspiration and a woman in business willing to help others. Excited for you and the future of what you offer to those that need your design and business assistance.

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