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Moms Are Still Old School When it Comes to Back to School Shopping


You would think with the ever growing popularity of social media that moms would flock to it for all things back-to-school. According to a new survey by School Family Media Inc., that’s not the case.

The survey revealed that it’s actually their least preferred method of receiving information about products and promotions.

The online survey was done this month, June 2011, and asked 1,400 women with school age kids about back-to-school shopping.

We work with moms all year, across all demographics, who are engaged with their kids’ education, so we were uniquely positioned to gain and share some insights about moms’ attitudes regarding back-to-school shopping,” said John Driscoll, President – Consumer Connections, School Family Media.  “What we found interesting was that despite the emergence of new technologies and communication platforms, moms aren’t planning on utilizing these much when it comes to their back-to-school shopping.  In fact, social media was moms’ least preferred method for receiving information about products and promotions, and 90 percent of moms still planned to make the majority of their purchases at actual stores versus online.

The results do not in any way mean that these moms are not active online. In fact, they are. So what’s their favorite way to receive information about products? Their email inbox. Over 70 percent chose “Email from brand/store”.

Here are a few more results from the survey.

Moms are:

  • Not looking to social media for information about products and promotions
  • Making majority of purchases at actual stores vs. online
  • Spending more this year, compared to last year – but still price-conscious
  • Not rushing to complete shopping before the first day of school

For those of you moms active online, do you feel these results fall in to line with how you like to receive back to school information?

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  • Anonymous

    Um. I actually have to say that I fit into every single one of those points!  I typically don’t search out deals or sales on social media – and I don’t even follow a lot of brands.  I do, however, look at those emails 🙂

  • Julie Bonner

    Same here Nikki. The only way I possibly find out about a deal or sale via social media, is by some of the blogs I check weekly. Other than that, it’s email all the way for me!

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