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19 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About QR Codes


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This Week’s Topic: QR Codes

This year at BlogWorld was the first time I really saw people at a conference really talking about QR codes. Of course, they’ve been around for much longer, but I think QR codes have really taken off in popularity. I don’t know tons about using QR codes effectively myself, so I was actually excited to research and read all of the posts related to this topic. Let’s jump right into the posts this week; here’s what some brilliant bloggers have to say about using QR codes:

Advice from Brilliant Bloggers:

QR Codes 101: Make Links to Your Website from Anywhere by Charles Hamilton

I wanted to include this link as the first on the Brilliant Blogger list because it is such a good, quick overview if you’ve never really used QR codes before or don’t understand how they code be relevant to you. While this is a very brief overview (especially as compared to some other posts linked below), there are TONS of links within the post that you can click to fin more information about QR codes. When you’re done reading the article, you can also follow Charles on Twitter @chcs.

QR Codes: Are Your Read for Paper-Based Hyperlinks? by Mark Sprague

I love this Search Engine Land post by Mark Sprague because it not only gives a really good overview of what a QR codes, but it also gives readers real-life examples of how companies around the world are successfully using QR codes. Mark also gives you lots of ideas on how you can use QR codes as well, so if you’re new to this concept this is a great place to start thinking about how you can use the codes for your business. Check out Mark on Twitter @CMarkSprague.

How Effective are QR Codes with Consumers? by Grant Iven

Okay, QR codes might be neat, but I want to know the same thing most businesses want to know – are they working? Companies like to talk a lot about ROI, and while it might be free to generate a QR code, if you’re going to print it everywhere, there’s a bit of investment involved. This post is a little case study showing what happened when one company used QR codes to promote their Facebook page. You can follow Grant on twitter after checking out this post @saywhat_com.

Even More Brilliant Advice:

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