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Klout Comes to Facebook, Gives Brands New Ways to Engage Fans


There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Klout and now there’s even more to talk about. Involver, a social media marketing start up, and Klout announced today they are bringing Klout to Facebook.

What does this mean for brands and consumers exactly? It gives brands a new way to engage their Facebook fans and consumers can earn rewards based on their influence, as measured by Klout. Brands and agencies can customize and tailor their content and interaction with fans based on their Klout score. You can see this in action on Audi’s Facebook page, where you can get your Klout score and download your Audi Le Mans desktop graphic.

“Facebook represents a huge opportunity for brands to connect with their fans and deliver a unique experience,” said Joe Fernandez, founder and CEO, Klout. “The real value for brands comes in being able to personalize and customize that experience based on specific attributes of individuals. Involver helped us make Klout scores actionable for brands and agencies on the most influential social platform out there.”

The content available based on your Klout means special, unreleased content like a new trailer, product or coupon. The Klout app is now available directly from Involver and Klout.

Do you use Klout? How do you think these changes will impact the relationship with cosumers and brands on Facebook?

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