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Are You Playing the BlogWorld Follow Up Game?


BlogWorld, whether it is in Las Vegas, New York, or (soon to be) Los Angeles, is always great for meeting new people. Some of the people you meet are actually “old friends” through social media even though you’ve never met face to face. I always find that very rewarding. Other people you meet might be friends of friends, people who happen to randomly cross your path, or even connections that are interested in you in a business sense. If you want to make new friends and business contacts, BlogWorld is definitely the place to be.

Yet, it only lasts for a week, and then we all head back to our “real” lives. We go back to houses that need cleaning and friends who want to go for happy hour after their office jobs. We go back to Twitter and Facebook, occasionally commenting on our new friends’ blogs. We go back to raising our kids and caring for our significant others and doing all those others things we do on a daily basis. Basically, we go back to living our lives. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But now that BlogWorld New York has been over for a few weeks and life has gone on as it always has, it’s time to start playing the BlogWorld follow up game if you aren’t playing already.

The rules to this game are simple – take the time to actually care about the people you met at BlogWorld, following up with your conversations on Twitter, Facebook, their blogs, or other online presences. If you met people who happen to live in your area, make plans to have lunch together sometimes in the near future (don’t just say you’re going to…actually set a date). Talk about what these people are doing on your own blog or at least retweet a few links that you find especially helpful. Start planning JV projects together. Sign up for their mailing lists.

Are you willing to make that effort to stay connected with all the cool people you met? Sometimes, when you aren’t hanging out in person, it just isn’t the same. While some people might be super passionate in real life, their blogs might be “meh” or they might not make much time for social media. When that happens, it’s okay. You don’t have to stay in touch with everyone you met. But to people you truly enjoy, reach out. If you don’t, they might not either, and then that connection is lost.

In other words, don’t drop the relationship ball. While at BlogWorld, it’s easy to enjoy the company of the people you meet, but when you’re not standing in front of one another, it can be easy for those relationships to die unless you work at it. You’ve had some time to get back into the swing of your life after BlogWorld, so there’s no time like the present to start reaching out to your BlogWorld friends again. What are you waiting for? Say hello and get the ball rolling for what could be awesome friendships.


  • Katherine Salt

    Excellent points, I find it so easy to get sucked back into to my little life.  Such a shame as I so enjoy chatting to people who work in the same industry.  That said, I’ll be in touch Ms Boyer via Skype very soon ;o)

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