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  • Jess

    So what if you wanted to use an image, taken by yourself, of a copyrighted/trademarked product (not the actual trademark itself, but the products they sell) as a part of your own logo in a parody – representing your product, but the goal is not at all to discuss the products or to identify the product of the copyrighted/trademarked content… but more of a an attractive marketing ad for your own unrelated blog?

  • Curious

    Curious – Could a blog be kept about a direct sales company – say… reviews of that company’s products where the products are mentioned by name – by a non-contractor for that company? For example:

    Could I, as a user (but not salesperson) of Direct Sales Company  X Y Z, keep a blog which reviews each of the company’s products and links frequently to the website of someone who does in fact sell the products>

    Example: “I am not a salesperson for product X, but I purchased product X from website www {dot}example{dot}com and loved it for reasons A, B & C. ”

    if I was to do this, could I legally register a domain name using a trademarked name of the direct sales company – such as, say, www{dot}specificcomapnyproductreviews{dot}com?

  • Jacob

    I wrote an article about the BBB, and in it I had some critizism from clients towards the BBB.  The BBB contact me and demanded that I remove their name because it was trademarked- reading this article makes me realize that they are still full of garbage… if they were a member of the BBB themselves i’d complain.

  • starmike31

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