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Are You Blogging a Castle or a Pile of Rocks?


… by Jeff Greenhouse

As bloggers, we parcel out our insights in very discrete packages. We identify the seed of a promising post, then wrap it in layers of detail and background until we have created something solid, with sense of weight. When it’s done, we place it on top of the blog for our readers to enjoy, and we start all over again. We build our pile, one post at a time. But, if we give some thought to the whole versus the parts, we can actually creating something bigger. Then those individual blocks of stone form a regal castle instead of a jumbled rock pile.

I’m not saying that each post should be a continuation of the last. That wouldn’t be a blog, it would be a novel chopped up into small parts. I’m saying that each piece should contribute to an overall sense of you: as a brand, as a person and as a personality.

The topics you choose to blog about lay the foundation. A good blogger has an opinion about just about anything, but narrowing the field to a few topics creates structure and lets you develop depth in those areas. It also gives you the chance to create a detailed point of view that can influence your readers.

Your writing style adds the flavor and the flair. A dry blog is about as tasty as a dry turkey (and just as desirable). A blog doesn’t have to be as neutral as a corporate website. Blogs are written by people, and its good to see the personality of the writer come through.

Finally, don’t be afraid to connect the blocks. Refer to earlier posts when you circle back around to similar topics. If you have a few key points that are a core part of your philosophy, don’t be afraid to bring them up again and again. If one of your readers makes a particularly good point in a comment, use it as the basis of a future post.

Some of this may come out naturally, but it should still be based in conscious thought (especially for business and brand-focused bloggers). With a little planning, you’ll be able to stand back and marvel at the palace you’ve built.

Jeff Greenhouse is a 16-year digital marketing veteran, agency founder and serial entrepreneur. He blogs about marketing, creativity, innovation and technology at http://www.JeffGreenhouse.com and Tweets at http://Twitter.com/JeffGreenhouse


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