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Erica Douglass’ Seven Steps to Passionate Pitches


I’ve been a bit of an Erica Douglass fangirl since I first read her Failure Manifesto back in August 2010. So, when I heard that she would be speaking at BlogWorld New York 2011, I made sure to put her session on my “absolutely cannot miss” schedule. I even wrote it in pen. Pen!

I wasn’t disappointed. If you missed Erica speak (or missed BlogWorld New York 2011 completely), I highly recommend keeping your eyes peeled for the forthcoming virtual tickets that will be available at the BlogWorld Expo site so you can listen to a recording of her session and see her slides.

Erica’s session was called “How to Passionately Pitch without PO’ing Your People” – and like many others at BlogWorld, she spoke about how we need to remember that email marketing can work. Erica gave us seven great steps to creating the best pitch emails possible:

  1. Have a clear, concise call to action. What do you want your readers to do? Don’t make them try to figure it out. Tell them exactly what they should do!
  2. Include at least three links to buy – and one within the first 200 words. Don’t make them read a huge email if you hooked them in the first paragraph.
  3. Never apologize for pitching a product. Whether its yours or an affiliate product, you’re recommending something of value. Don’t apologize for the price because it makes it sound overpriced. If it’s worth the cost, stand behind it.
  4. Set a price anchor. When you start talking about a product, your reader will automatically start comparing it to things they already know. You want to do that first so that when you tell them the price it is much lower than the thing already in their head.
  5. Make readers feel like they are getting a special deal. Why should they buy from you, especially if others are selling the same products? Many people are happy to give you a special discount code for their readers, or you can throw in some of your own giveaways for people who buy from you.
  6. Give readers a sense of urgency. If not, they’ll put it off until “someday” and someday will never come. Make your offer only available for a limited time before the product is no longer available or the price goes up.
  7. Follow up with at least one additional email – preferably two. Erica’s formula is a post and email on the first day, a second email about two days later, and a third email (plus additional post) three to four days after that. You don’t have to be annoying, but if people are responding well, sending follow-ups allows you to earn even more.

Of course, this is just the bare bones information from Erica’s awesome presentation. Again, if you want to listen to the whole thing, stay tuned so you can pick up a virtual ticket, which will give you access to recordings from BlogWorld New York 2011.

Thanks, Erica, for a great session – easily one of my favorites of the show! Readers, check out her story and more great advice at Erica.biz and follow her on Twitter @ericabiz.


  • John Paul

    I am a big fan of Erica.. I like her honest, real blogging style.

    These tips will come in handy with a couple new projects we have launching soon.. so great timing for me when I wasn’t able to get to Blog World East.

  • Lewis LaLanne aka Nerd #2

    These are master strategies for getting your direct response offer to convert more prospects!

    One vital thing you must do before asking for money though is make sure when you’re presenting your wares, you need to be speaking directly to the irrational fears, frustrations, and aspirations of your audience.

    You want to shine the spot light on them and show up as the cure or solution to their emotional hot button issues. Most businesses don’t do this. They show up and talk about how cool they are.

    Then, when they see you’re describing their problem better than they can, you get status in their mind of being the authority and this is when all 7 of these suggestions come to your rescue.

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  • Michele Price

    YEAH straight forward and honest advice.  Will you take it and put it into action?

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    Then, when they see you’re describing their problem better than they can, you get status in their mind of being the authority and this is when all 7 of these suggestions come to your rescue.

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