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BlogWorld East 2011: A Few Things You Should Know



At this time next week, BlogWorld NY, our first event outside of Las Vegas, will be over. If all goes as planned, a good time will be had by all. If you attended BlogWorld in the past, #BWENY is a bit different. If you’re new to our conference, you can still expect the same excellent content and networking, but there are going to be changes from what you’ve read about or heard from previous years.

  • Jacob Javits Center: The Javits Center isn’t in a hotel and the hotels aren’t across the street. There are several in walking distance – usually a ten to fifteen minutes – or you can cab it or take advantage of  New York City’s excellent public transportation system. The Javits Center is huge and we’ll only be using a small part of it. There’s a food court in the building and if you have a full access pass, lunch tickets are on us. There’s also a Starbucks for your caffeine fix. If we’re lucky, maybe some of NYC’s wonderful food trucks will show up at lunch time as well.  BWENY is on the lowest level, but registration is just upstairs right before the escalator. The Javits Center isn’t as intimate or warm as the Mandalay Bay last year, but we have faith it will still work out well for all of us. The experience is what we make of it.
  • Book Expo: So we’re co-located with Book Expo. This means any of our pass holders can visit. Before you bring your shopping bags and go on a book-grabbing frenzy, keep in mind that it won’t reflect very well on our community as a whole if everyone enters en masse and starts grabbing swag.  (And we’d like to be welcomed back  with open arms.) Just like you would at BlogWorld, take some time to learn who you’re talking to and what they do. Have a conversation  and if a book you like is up for grabs, enjoy. Make it more about the contacts than the books, and if all goes well you’ll walk away with some reading material and a few important relationships.  If you have a pass for Book Expo, you’re welcome to attend BlogWorld as well. Your pass covers our exhibits, but if you want to check out the sessions you’ll have to purchase an upgrade.
  • Speakers: All speakers MUST check in to the Speaker Ready Room at least an hour before your presentation. Bring the flash drive with your presentation so we can test it out on our equipment.
  • There’s an app for that – Our interactive SCHED is also a mobile site. We may have to make a couple of tweaks over the next day or so, but it should be ready by showtime.  Use this link to access our schedule and SCHED’s servers will hook you up to the mobile site.
  • Kids: Here is our policy regarding children and age requirements:


Due to the professional nature of this show, show management discourages you from bringing children or infants to this event. If you must bring your child/infant, please be aware that strollers are not allowed in any show or conference areas (infants must be carried) and it is respectfully requested that children are kept at their caregiver’s side at all times. In the conference programs, if your child cannot sit quietly throughout, it is requested that you do not attend sessions. Please note that once a child is 12 years old or above, full registration fees will apply and a badge is required. Children and infants will NOT be admitted to the evening receptions due to alcohol policies, only those 21 years of age or older will be admitted.

Also, it’s important to note that some of our speakers use language that’s not appropriate for kids.

  • Shuttle Busses: There is shuttle bus service to and from our  official hotels: The schedule is as follows:

Monday 7:00AM – 10:00AM 3:30PM – 6:30PM
Tuesday 7:00AM – 10:00AM 3:30PM – 6:30PM
Wednesday 7:00AM – 10:00AM 3:30PM – 6:30PM
Thursday 7:00AM – 10:00AM 2:00PM – 6:00PM

PLEASE CALL             201-725-5295

Accessible equipment is available during scheduled shuttle hours. Please request service at least 60 minutes in advance of desired pick up time.

  • Suitcasing:  We don’t take too kindly to suitcasing. This is when you don’t buy a booth or sponsorship but you bring all your swag and promotional materials to BlogWorld anyway and hand it out or pitch in the hallways. It’s akin to stealing and if we catch you, you’re outtathere. Don’t be afraid to call out anyone you see suitcasing.
  • Streaming and Taping: We’ll be streaming our live keynotes  for all to see and audio taping our sessions for our virtual ticket. We’re often asked if speakers and attendees can videotape sessions and our answer is “yes.” We’re the Grateful Dead of conferences. We don’t mind if you videotape sessions as long as you’re not profiting from them.
  • Please don’t leave your gadgets and important stuff unattended: We love New York City, but there have been reports of items going missing at the Javits Center. Keep your stuff close.
  • We have a forum: We love our community and nothing gives us more pleasure than watching you all intereact and grow. In addition to hanging out on Twitter and Facebook, we also have a brand new forum. We’d love it if you could keep the community spirit going both online and off. Share your experiences for those who couldn’t attend, and ask questions about #BWENY (and anything else on your mind)  so we can all help.
  • Surveys: I’m happy to report that we’ll no longer have paper surveys waiting for you outside of the session rooms. Instead, your badge will be scanned as you enter each classroom, and at the end of the day you’ll receive an email requesting your feedback on each session. This is extremely important to us. Without your feedback we don’t know how you feel about the speakers, the content and our event on a whole.  The surveys will only take a few seconds each to fill out and we truly appreciate your help.
  • Hallways and sessions: There’s some good networking happening in the hallways, for sure.  Please don’t forget the sessions. Let’s support our speakers for being so giving of their time by attending the sessions. And speakers, don’t forget to support your fellow speakers by attending their sessions as well. Hallway networking rocks, but the learning is top notch.
  • Exhibits: Please be sure to visit the exhibit hall and support our sponsors and exhibitors. It’s through their support (and yours) that we’re able to keep BlogWorld going. On Thursday, May 26th, there will be a networking reception from 12:30 to 2:30 on the exhibit floor, lunch and libation will be served and all badge holders are welcome.
  • Step up to the mic: At the end of each session is a 15 minute Q&A. Our speakers love the opportunity to interact with attendees. If you have a question for a speaker, please remember to step up to the mic in the center of the room.  We record our sessions for the virtual ticket, and our virtual attendees won’t hear your questions if you don’t step up to the mic.
  • Speak, don’t sell: At BlogWorld we have a mantra: Sessions are for teaching, booths are for selling. Speakers are never to be pitchy and we hereby invite all attendees to heckle any speaker who turns a session into a sale pitch. We’re proud of our content and understand attendees paid a lot of money to learn. Don’t be afraid to call a speaker out on his or her selling.

We’re on our way

The BlogWorld team is on their way to NYC today to get set up for BlogWorld New York and we can’t wait.  If you have any questions or tips to share with new members of our community, ask away.  If you see us in the hallways, parties, exhibit halls or networking events, please say hello. We’re interested in learning more about you and what you think of BlogWorld.

P. S. The weather in NYC this week will be in the 80’s with a chance of thunderstorms each day. Dress for the weather but bring a sweater for the air conditioning and an umbrella for the rain.



  • Farnoosh

    EXCELLENT post with great, great tips! Thank you so much, Deb. I am very excited. You covered everything so candidly and sincerely and there are no words to thank you for your efforts and your amazing contribution to Blogworld. But I am saving you a big hug for starts!!

    • Deb Ng


      I’ll take that hug and give one in return. Looking forwarde to see you this week!

  • Tinu

     Thanks, Deb. This has convinced me that at minimum, I need to go to the Expo. I have some prior obligations that prevent me from attending the entire event, but that virtual ticket doesn’t sound bad at all. Thanks much.

  • Anonymous

     Great tips and info Deb! Thanks for posting this! I’m packing an umbrella  🙂

  • Wendy DelMo

    Great tips!   I’m very excited for BWENY.  The  forums are very helpful to a first-timer!

  • Wendy DelMo

    Deb- how do we find SCHED?  Not found on my andriod!

  • Linda Sherman

    Thank you Deb! Very helpful stuff. I’m cabbing over from the Crowne Plaza to make sure I am there early enough to register and do the check at the speaker room before my presentation at 9am.  (I’ll check out the shuttle on Wed, Thurs). Is there any specific drop-off point we can tell the cab? 

    You mention bringing a flash drive with our presentation…. didn’t we have to send it in in advance, I assume that is for the few that didn’t?

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    Of course then only we can mange in this blogworld.. I have read it fully.. Very informative and also innovative things sharing with us.. Thanks for this great work..

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