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5 Tips to Crowd Source Photos and Videos from Your Next Event


Aggregating photos from any well-attended event can be a huge headache – you can either hunt and peck through various photo streams or rely on post-event email attachments. Skip the hassle by setting up an Event site so your attendees can submit photos in real-time. Here are five tips to get you started:

  1. Keep it simple

    When it comes to group sharing, simplicity is king. It doesn’t get much simpler than Posterous for the iPhone. Attendees don’t need to remember a hash tag or a url. They just download the app and your event site automatically appears through the magic of geolocation.

    Because not everyone has an iPhone, you should also allow posting by email. With Posterous, it’s as simple as sending an email to youreventsitename@posterous.com.

  2. Don’t shut out virtual attendees

    Encourage those who can’t attend to sign up to receive daily summaries of all submitted posts via email. This is a great way to boost off site engagement for any event.

  3. Unleash the full Twitterati

    Want more Twitter buzz? Set up autoposting to your event’s Twitter account. You can even automatically adding a Twitter hashtag to all contributed posts. See how the BlogWorld Event site has done it.

  4. Go beyond photos

    Photos are the eye candy of the Web, but videos add depth and reveal your event’s true flavor. Encourage your audience to take video clips and submit them directly from Posterous for the iPhone or via email.

  5. Give them a slideshow

    Don’t force your audience to scroll through page after page of posts to see what has been submitted. Take advantage of the built-in slideshow feature on all Posterous event sites and display your event photos live during the event or send out as a link in a post-event email.

    Try it yourself by downloading Posterous for the iPhone and submitting a few photos to the official BlogWorld Event Site. Or just email them in to blogworld@posterous.com.

    Questions about setting up an event site? Want to share your new product ideas? Or maybe just want to win a Posterous Snuggie? Come visit us at Booth #401.

    Posterous is a publishing platform for sharing text, photos, videos, documents with a public or private audience. Posting couldn’t be any simpler. You can get started by posting via email or by posting with our iPhone and Android apps.



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