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Shaping the Future of Curation


Session Title: The Future of Content Curation
Speakers: Steve Rosenbaum, Eric Hippeau, Francine Hardaway, Ed Lamblet
Date: Thursday May 26
Time: 11:30AM
Location: Jacob Javits Center 1A18

… by Francine Hardaway

“Information overload” is an inherent part of the daily experience for most of us – especially online. The web has disintermediated the flow of information, making it easy for anyone to easily receive and share news, videos, comments, and other content. This means that most of us get more information than we actually need – or want. We no longer have to look for information – instead we have to sort through it. It’s as bad as looking through a shoebox of receipts at tax time trying to figure out what’s actually useful in filing that 1040.

Sorting through this abundance – curating it – can streamline the way we interact with content, helping us see more of what we want and less of what’s irrelevant or repetitive. But how to curate, or whom to trust with that job? Twitter, Facebook, and other online sources fill our screens with content from sources we’ve chosen – but how do we filter through that content to help us find what matters?

Social feeds alone clearly don’t do the job. Algorithms, like those powering Zite or My6Sense, show a glimmer at one way; semantics offer another. Individuals, like Barry Ritholtz of The Big Picture or Robert Scoble, or traditional sources like The New York Times – people and sources can get us closer to what we want, but how do we bring them together? Services that cull content from people and sources, and filter it by topics might be the answer because they let YOU – with your own unique preferences and interests – be a curator…your own “Editor in Chief.” As Forbes says of Paper.li, the best-known of those services:

In its own simple way Paper.li makes anyone a publisher of news and interesting information, and they don’t have to write a single word. It’s why celebrities and their fans already like the service–newspapers published by celebrities like Stephen Fry can get more than a hundred thousand hits each time, according to Pols. Groups, and even towns are getting in on the act.

How will widespread adoption of curation services change the way we get – and share – the information we care about? Join three people shaping the future of curation – Eric Hippeau, former CEO of the Huffington Post, Magnify (and “Curation Nation”) leader Steven Rosenbaum, and Paper.li co-founder Edouard Lambelet for The Future of Content Curation, a panel I’ll moderate at BlogWorld on Thursday, May 26 at 11:30 a.m. in room 1A18. Bring your questions and your thoughts on curation – whether you do it or learn from sources that do – and how it will affect the news you get and the way you filter through the noise.

Francine Hardaway, Ph.D., is an experienced marketing strategist with special expertise in startup companies. As a partner in Stealthmode Partners, she has helped package and secure funding for many early-stage technology companies. She has created positioning and marketing strategies for dozens of companies growth companies (from startup to IPO to maturity). Stealthmode Partners runs the popular FastTrac programs in metropolitan Phoenix. Follower her on Twitter @hardaway.

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