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How Blogging is Changing the Financial Services Landscape


Session Title: How Blogging in Financial Services is Helping Investors Achieve More
Speaker: Stephanie Sammons
Date: Tuesday, May 24
Time: 10:15 AM
Location: Jacob Javits Center 1A14

Blogging is making major inroads into the world of financial services. Major financial services firms, financial advisors, and even individual investors are leveraging blogging to share information, knowledge, ideas, and insights. They’re also successfully building connections and community in the process.

Although the financial services industry is heavily regulated and has suffered yet another credibility crises, blogging and social media are redefining the rules for investors, financial professionals, and financial services firms. Investors can greatly benefit from the information and expertise that is being shared and disclosed while firms and professionals can better position for success within their target markets through blogging.

I hope you’ll join me to learn more about the current landscape, trends, opportunities and challenges in the financial services world, and how blogging is successfully being integrated into the industry. Whether you’re an individual investor, financial professional, business owner, or someone who manages the family finances, you will learn how to benefit and capitalize on the “blogging in financial services” revolution!

Stephanie Sammons is Founder/CEO of Wired Advisor, a turnkey blogging and social media marketing platform for financial advisors and financial services firms. Stephanie has extensive leadership and training experience in financial services marketing with over 15 years at global financial services firms. As CEO of Wired Advisor, she is empowering financial professionals to build online influence by engaging niche communities around their unique thought leadership insights on navigating the financial opportunities and challenges of today and tomorrow. You can follow Stephanie on Twitter @stephsammons and also subscribe to her insights, tips, and updates for professionals from her personal blog at www.stephaniesammons.com.


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    Blog and social media are redefined for investors, financial professionals and financial services company’s rules. Here is the great information.

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