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Lessons and Winners from Our First #BWEchat


Last night, we tried something different – we held a Twitter chat using the hashtag #BWEchat to answer questions, help attendees meet one another, and share BlogWorld tips. The response was overwhelming! I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but we had checked at 8 PM and the news about #BWEchat had already reached over 86,000 people. And that was before it even officially started. I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun!

We gave out some free BlogWorld passes during the chat, so today I wanted to share the list of winners – and I thought it would be fun to also share some of the things these people tweeted during the chat! Without further ado:

Our 2-Day Pass Winners:

Two-day passes were awarded to people who correctly answered trivia questions from Rick and Dave. It was a lot of fun to play along! Here are the two pass winners:

@mami2mommy (aka Jennifer from Mami 2 Mommy)

Even the folks that are from NY look like tourists b/c we are still amazed what the city has to offer! 🙂

I asked everyone for their best tips about New York City and what to do while in town, and I think Jennifer hit the nail on the head with this one! The city has so much to offer – enjoy the conference, but if you’re still planning, think about spending an extra day or two in town to take in some of the sites. Even if you’re from New York, take an extra day or two off every so often to be a tourist!

@maggielmcg (aka Maggie from Mizz Information)

Anyone know how AT&T service is in NYC? There is NONE in Vegas–iPad/iPhone both were totally useless the whole time.

I wanted to highlight this post from Maggie for an important reason – at a conference like BlogWorld, where so many people are all posting, tweets, etc., it is important to ensure that your work tools are going to work. Are you prepared in case there isn’t wireless Internet at your hotel? Do you have an extension cord or power strip should you need it? Can you charge on the go? Did you bring enough batteries for your camera? Make sure you can work if you want to…before you leave so you can avoid spending top dollar in New York to buy extra pieces you didn’t bring.

Our 1-Day Pass Winners:

We pulled random passes for one-day winners. Originally, we only had two passes to give away, but during the trivia for the two-day passes, we had someone who was so close to winning that we gave him a pass too! Here are the three winners:

@Caraizzle (aka Cara from 25 Hours in a Day)

Tip for Speakers- If you have slides, don’t read off them! We can read them on our own

This is a great tip – I’m someone who actually likes slide presentations because I think they keep sessions on track, but they shouldn’t be a transcript of what you you’re saying. If you’re going to use slides, make them interesting and remember that everyone in the audience is capable of reading.

@7onashoestring (aka Staci from 7 on a Shoestring)

There is so much to learn! Aaaahhhh! 🙂

This was pretty much my response the first time I went to BlogWorld. Prepared to be overwhelmed. There’s more to see and do during this conference than a team of three people could see and do, so realize that you’re just one person and relax. Before you leave for BlogWorld, do some research and create a schedule for yourself so you’re able to attend the sessions and networking parties most important to you. Don’t try to be everywhere at once, though. You’ll just look like a crazy person (like me last year!).

@adrianchilders (aka Adrian from AdrianChilders.com)

For me the most value comes at the mixers and after parties RT @blogworldexpo: What are you most excited for at BlogWorld NY?

I have to agree with Adrian. The sessions are AMAZING. The keynotes are AMAZING. The exhibits are AMAZING…but the networking you can do in the BlogWorld halls and at BlogWorld mixers and parties is something special, something way beyond amazing. I’ve met people at BlogWorld who have becoming very good friends, despite living around the world, landed gigs and clients through networking there, and more. It’s an amazing experience that you have to check out for yourself to truly understand.

Our Exhibits Only Pass Winners:

I’d also lik to congratulate our six exhibits only pass winners: @TheErinRyan, @daniellemmiller, @gaynycdad, @FrankRamblings, @mmc67, and @AngArtemis – looking forward to seeing you all in NYC and thanks for helping to make our first #BWEchat so successful!

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