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Tell Us About Your Blog and You Could End Up on TV!


Just like last year, we have a great potential publicity opportunity to share with BlogWorld’s attendees. Next week we will play host to television news producers attending the conference in search of potential story ideas to feature on future shows.

Do you have a unique, personal story to tell about your blog? If your story fits any of the criteria below and you would be willing to share it with the producers and eventually speak about it on TV, please share it with us by posting your comments and contact information below or by emailing pr@blogworldexpo.com.

Please try and keep your responses to 250 words or less.  To be considered you MUST be at BlogWorld Expo on Wednesday, May 25 and available between 10:30-12:30. If selected, someone from the BlogWorld team will be in touch to tell you the next steps.

  • Were you laid off from your job and decided to turn your blogging hobby into a source of income?
  • Are you a blogger/social media practitioner that started a business or found work as a result of attending BlogWorld?
  • Are you a mom or dad blogger that has seen your blog readership grow, does your blog connect parents in a unique way?
  • Have you experienced unprecedented and extraordinary success with your blog?
  • Did you start blogging for therapeutic reasons or to help you cope with loss in your family, a health diagnosis, etc?
  • Have you reinvented yourself through your blog, discovered a new career or talent?
  • Did you reconnect with a long-lost member of your family, discover you had a sibling or identify your birth parents as a result of your blog or social networking efforts?
  • Are you an Army wife/husband blogger taking care of the household while your spouse is deployed?
  • Are you a baby boomer blogger whose coverage stands out?
  • Is the subject of your blog truly unique? We mean REALLY different, no one else out there (or just a few people) cover the same topic?
  • Anything else that is noteworthy/unique that we may have missed?


  • Black Seo Guy

    My blog was started for many of those reasons some years ago. Yes I have a story to tell just like the next person, but I think my story is more unique because of my back ground and up bringing which had nothing to do with internet marketing..so ready when you guys are if you looking for something real and not just some guy started a blog over night.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off” 

  • Michele Mattia

    My blog, Michele’s Daily Dash, was a part of my starting over at age 40. While I owned a successful technology consulting firm in Manhattan for 12 years, I was not fulfilled and I knew my Life’s Dash, the precious time between arrival and departure from this world, was meant for something greater.  A silent retreat started my journey which resulted in my living on and with purpose.  My blog’s tag, “Words to inspire, support and motivate the Creation of Your Empowered & Dynamic Life,” is in direct alignment with my mission to inspire, co-create and support all of the possibilities my audiences and clients are courageous enough to demand.  My blog paved the way to a new and successful career as an empowerment and inspirational speaker, best-selling author, and new thought leader.  Blogs allow all us to share our message, inspire action, and become the change we want to see in the world.  

    Can’t wait for BlogWorld NY next week!  I can be followed on Twitter @MicheleMattia, on FB http://www.facebook.com/DesignYourSuccess.  www.MicheleMattia.com

  • Wendy DelMo

    I started this blog, FindingFamilyFitness.com after my husband’s
    cardiologist said he had to lose weight or his meds would eventually fail him.
    The entire family has major weight issues, especially my husband, my 12 year
    old daughter and I, and I realized that many of our attempts to lose weight
    failed because there was no accountability. I also knew from previous blogs I had
    written* that once established, a blog will provide a readership will be there
    to help you AND to hold you accountable.  
    I searched and couldn’t find a blog anywhere that discussed the real life
    trials and tribulations of a family trying to get healthy.    I wanted to have a real world view of a family
    trying to lose weight, kids fighting to not eat veggies, no one wanting to go
    for a walk, and to let people know it’s not all going to be perfect, but it
    will be do-able.  Knowing that I could
    share our story and maybe help just one other family in their journey to
    healthy keeps me going. And writing.  

    *I wrote a blog fromNovember 2006 to April 2009 that
    chronicled my experiences with genealogical cancer and the how I dealt with the
    treatment and emotions that it entailed. That blog turned into a “mommy blog”
    that I no longer write.   But now that I
    looked at it to check dates, I desperately miss it. Maybe it needs to resurface! 

    I can be reached at findingfamilyfitness@gmail.com

  • chacha

    this is my blog 😛    : http://chachaberrry.blogspot.com/

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