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Extra! Extra! New Track at BlogWorld Is For You!


… by Amy Parmenter

What is it that you’d like to learn about Blogging or Social Media?

  • How to build an audience?
  • How to build your brand?
  • How to make money?

Maybe you’ve got a twitter account but really want to ramp up your engagement in social media circles.

Well – have I got news for you!!

The ‘media track’ is not just for journalists!

Don’t misquote me here — Every single member of the media – radio, tv, periodicals and papers – should attend the media track sessions.
But, the truth is that whether you are a member of the mainstream media, a reporter, a blogger — or all of the above (like me!) — this is an opportunity to learn advanced social media skills from some of the best in the business.

What do the Boston Globe, Time Magazine, Discovery Communications, The Columbia School of Journalism, NBC and the Social Media Examiner all have in common? Media Track presenters have worked for all these organizations.

Would you like to join them?

Sessions include:

This is your opportunity to get on track.

The ‘media track’. Thursday, May 26th.

All aboard!

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  • amy parmenter

    if there is something in particular you’d like to learn in any of these sessions — please let me know!


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