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Join Us at #BWEchat – and WIN a Free Pass to BlogWorld NY!


We’re proud to announce that BlogWorld will be hosting its first ever virtual Twitter party on Wednesday to help spread the word and answer your questions about the upcoming New York event. It will also be a great way to connect with other who will be attending, so I hope to see you there! Here are the details:

What: #BWEchat Twitter Party

When: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 8:00 PM EST

Where: Twitter!

Twitter parties (also called Twitter chats) are held online, with virtual attendees all following the same hashtag (in this case, #BWEchat). You can follow through Twitter’s main website or a desktop client like Tweetdeck, but they move really quickly, so I recommend using a site like Tweet Grid or Tweet Chat to follow along.

Who: Attendees, speakers, track leaders, BlogWorld staff, and anyone interested in learning more about the conference and meeting others who might be attending or have attended in the past. The chat host will be @blogworldexpo so make sure you follow this account! Also make sure to follow @Tracy_Iglesias and me (@allison_boyer) so we can DM you if you win one of the passes!

PRIZES: By attending #BWEchat, you’ll have a change to win an awesome prize – a free ticket to the show! During the chat, we’ll be giving away the following tickets:

  • TWO 2-Day passes
  • TWO 1-Day passes
  • SIX Exhibits-only passes

This is important: To qualify for one of the prizes, you must tweet the following message sometime between now and the party:

Join me at #BWEchat Wed 5/18, 8 PM ET for a chance to win a free pass to BlogWorld NY! http://bit.ly/mDHNXT #BWENY

You can tweet it as many times as you want until the chat starts! You must also come to the virtual party on Wednesday and participate by tweeting at least once between 8 PM and 9 PM EST (introduce yourself, shares some tips, ask a question, etc.). We’ll announce the winners throughout the night, so the earlier you get there, the more chances you’ll have to win!

Questions: We want to answer as many questions as possible at #BWEchat. You can ask directly during the chat, or to make sure we don’t miss your tweet, feel free to leave a comment below with your question and we’ll make sure the answer is covered during the party! (Please include your Twitter handle in your comment so we can make sure to let you know the answer.)

Hope to see you there!


  • dave_blogworldexpo

    Woo-hoo! I’m-a-feelin’ lucky, hope I win! 😀

  • Farnoosh

    I don’t even need a pass and I am still definitely attending this – let me go yell it off the Twitter rooftops first, though, Alli! 🙂

  • Linda Sherman

    Great idea!  Please note for future reference that the entry tweet is not optimized for re-tweeting. It only leaves 14 characters. I advise clients to leave space for a character count for RT @theirtwittername: which usually means leaving  no less than 18 characters – and ideally a bit more so the retweeter can throw in a yes! or something like that.

    • Allison Boyer

       We shortened it – thanks for the idea, Linda!

      • Linda Sherman

        Glad that helped!

        • Linda Sherman

          It was a great chat! Great job. Nice turn out, good active, interactive chat.

          I  do wish that I had known in advance that speakers weren’t eligible to win thought. I realize that makes sense. But if I had known, I would have made sure to have the person I wanted to win the ticket participate. I thought I had a shot at winning a pass for him.

          • Allison Boyer

            You know, I’ll be honest – it wasn’t something that crossed our minds as we were planning our first Twitter chat. Right before it started, we had to make a call on it, and really, the spirit of the give-away was to connect with people during the chat, not to give passes to people who already had them so they could turn around and give them away to people that didn’t come out for the party. I think you’re on the same page with us about that, but you’re definitely right that it was something we should have determined before the chat started. Growing pains of trying something new, and I apologize for the last-minute decision making.


    Woohoo, our first Twitter party AND we were hoping to attend blog world right here in NYC next week.  Fingers crossed! 

  • Jennifer

    Love it! Can’t wait for the Twitter party!

  • Esti Berkowitz

    I am looking forward to the twitter party. I owe this all to @gaynycdad, he tweeted it out and it caught my interest.  

    • Tracy

       Hi Esti! I’m glad @gaynycdad is sharing the word! I emailed him about it! 🙂

  • Dana M. Gorman

     My daughter’s concert will make me late for this party, but I want to know which sessions you would recommend for  expanding an education blog, encouraging other teachers to blog, blogging to increase traffic to our school website and optimizing my blog to reach my goal of increasing speaking engagements?  @DanaMGorman  www.playfullylearning.org

    • Allison Boyer

      Great question! We’ll make sure to talk about that during the chat!

    • Allison Boyer

      Sorry I didn’t get a chance to @ reply to you during the chat – things were going so fast! Chatters definitely recommended the panel on Facebook News Feed Optimization, which is great for learning how to optimize your FB page and track results. If you’re interested in speaking, you might also want to consider the workshop entitled Speak Up: Empowering Women to Find Their Voices. There are also some great traffic-related sessions about SEO and list building.

  • Jeff Turner

     Wow so I guess this will be my first twitter chat party. Can’t wait 🙂

  • Mitch Gaynycdad

    Ascending Butterfly sent me, I can’t wait for Blogworld!

  • Darrell Devaul

    I cannot wait for the event.

  • Ben Lang

    Awesome, I’ll be there!

  • 7 on a Shoestring

     Here is my RSVP tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/7onashoestring/status/70964791111467010

    Can’t wait! 🙂

  • @lovinmomma8

     looking forward to the party 🙂 @lovinmomma8:twitter 

  • Anonymous

    I have not attened BlogWord and am looking forward to finding out more about it. Will there be any talks there on how to help turn your blog into one that is making a little income? 

  • Angartemis

    Hey! Let’s get this party started! Can’t wait for Blogworld next week.

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