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A Must-Have Gadget for your Camera Bag and Blog


During the month of March I decided that I would finally use all the gadgets that I had purchased over the years to enhance my photography. I have gadgets for geotagging, gadgets for taking pinhole shots with my DSLR and a variety of lenses. I noticed that there was good reason why I didn’t carry all that stuff in my bag every day. It was extremely heavy. I have a lot of stuff, however I noticed a gadget that I could use easily every day and it took up so little space in the camera bag.

I decided that I could easily carry around a set of close up lens filters to attach to my existing lenses. These lens filters were very inexpensive. I think they were twelve bucks or something for 4 of them. The filters can be stacked so that if one is good and gets you closer then two are better and when you get to all four stacked you are talking super macro shots. The lens filters I got came in a small package that folds up to be even smaller. Attaching the lens filters to my lenses was super quick too.

With my new lens filters a whole new world of possibilities opened up for me. Macro photography allows you to see the world in a different way. Suddenly a photo of a flower can become even more compelling when you get up close and personal with petals and leaves making them the subject instead of part of it.

What do close up lens filters have to do with blogging? Well, for photo bloggers like me they are great tools to take new and exciting photos. But if you think of what the close up lens filters do then you can see how this would help your blogging. The close up filters get close to the subject and focus on a very specific area. When you tighten up your posts to focus on a specific area of a general topic you can write a compelling post.

There are tons of posts about Facebook privacy in general but what about focusing on something very specific in that general topic. What about writing a post on how to prevent specific groups of people from seeing specific posts. For example maybe you play Farmville and as we know the social media work shuns people harvesting digital sheep. You could write a post about how to prevent all of your friends from seeing your Farmville status updates except for those friends who play the game.

That is how you use the close lens up gadget to write better blog posts.

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