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How this 50-Year-Old Technology is the Hidden Profit Center of Your Blog… and How to Leverage It


Speaker: Nathalie Lussier
Session: Why This 50 Year Old Technology is The Hidden Profit Center of Your Blog
Date: Wednesday, May 25th
Time: 2:30PM

It’s no secret that I absolutely love technology. I inspire thousands of people each week to get techy with their online businesses. But here’s the big juicy secret: sometimes I think us techies can get too wrapped up in the shiny new tools that keep popping up.

The hidden profit center behind the world’s most successful blogs is based on a 50 year old technology. Email. That’s right, email has been around for 50 years – dating back to University researchers sharing information via “email” even before the Internet existed.

Okay, so now you know what this 50 year old technology is, but you need to attend my talk to find out exactly how to leverage it. I’ve heard far too many bloggers admit that they should have started building an email list earlier, and to make sure you sidestep that painful mistake I’m going to share all of my experiences and strategies.

During my talk you will learn:

  • The smart way to build an email list, and how it actually delivers results for people on a more in depth level than blogging alone.
  • How to repurpose your content, so you don’t leave your best pieces to collect dust in your blog archives.
  • Case studies that show you exactly why and how email is the profitable area that it is.
  • My top recommendations for which tools to use to get started with email marketing right away, so you know the first step to take after you leave the session.
  • Which stats to focus on, whether size REALLY matters, and how to stop obsessing over your numbers.
  • Proven tips to ensure people open your emails, forward them to friends, and keep coming back for more.
  • The no-brainer strategy that ensures you’re delivering value to your people consistently without adding more to your already busy workload.

If you’ve been thinking of setting up an email newsletter or blog-to-email system, you’ve got to be there for this. Even though email has been around for 50 years, a lot has changed and it’s important to keep up with the trends in email marketing, what’s working now and what isn’t.

I’ve been leveraging email in my business consistently for over two years now, and I’ll happily answer your most burning email marketing questions.

See you there!

Nathalie Lussier is an online business triple threat bringing tech, design, and marketing together under one roof. She built a successful online business around her passion for health as the Raw Foods Witch, and now helps other online business owners get techy with it.

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