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Three Tips for Writing a Passionate Pitch That Won’t P*ss Off Your Readers


Speakers: Erica Douglass
Session: How to Passionately Pitch–Without P.O’ing Your People
Date: Thursday, May 26th
Time: 10:15AM
Location: Jacob Javits Center 1A14

So, you have a great blog, and you’ve started to grow a happy community of supportive readers. Lo and behold, you find a product (or two!) that you believe your audience will love.

Take a deep breath–because when you finally get up the courage to pitch that product, you may be surprised at how aggressively angry your previously-supportive audience can get!

Here are three quick tips to ensure that your pitch goes over well with your readers:

  1. Keep it short. We bloggers love to write. But we tend to go overboard on pitch posts. It is true that many copywriters have great examples of 20-page salesletters that converted better than 2-page salesletters. But keep in mind that the person flipping through blogs is not in the same mindset as a person reading a sales letter. It’s okay to go long on a separate sales letter site. But on your blog post promoting the product, keep it short. Let your readers know why you’re recommending the product, who it will help, and how it will help them–and then link to the sales letter or product page a couple of times to encourage them to take a further look at the product.
  2. If you do a video pitch, include a text pitch as well. Although videos are great at conveying a message, many people who read blogs do so at work, on trains, or in coffee shops–inappropriate environments for sound. If you decide to do a video blog post promoting a product, feature your video prominently, but include a text pitch as well. (If you prefer, you can include a link to a separate post with the text pitch.)
  3. Include who this product will work well for–and who it won’t work well for. It may seem contradictory, but the truth is most products don’t work for everyone, and your audience appreciates it when you mention who this product will work well for. Some tips: Is it better suited to beginners or advanced users? Those who already have a certain product or use a certain service? Men or women? (Huge hint: Your audience is probably mostly beginners at whatever you blog about, so if the product you pitch is geared toward beginners in your field, definitely mention this. This tip alone should raise your sales by 10% or more.)
  4. Could This Hour Make You Thousands of Dollars?

    We will dissect even more pitches in my session at BlogWorld Expo NYC, and show you how to make money pitching products on your blog without alienating your readers. I’ll show you examples of single blog posts that earned $10,000 or more for the author–and blog posts that pitched a product and earned nothing. Then, I’ll break down exactly what worked and what didn’t with each pitch.

    Whether you have a traditional copywriting background or you’re new to the world of paid blogging, you will learn a lot from this session. Just think: what you learn in this session could be the key to making tens of thousands of extra dollars with your blog in the future!

    I’m Erica Douglass. After selling my online business at age 26 for $1,100,000.00, I created erica.biz to help you grow your own business quickly. erica.biz has since become one of the Internet’s most popular small business blogs, reaching over
    50,000 readers monthly.


  • Danny Brown

    Did the “i” really need to be asterixed?

  • Michele Price

    Erica excited to hear you finally.  We keep missing each other and now we get to change that.

    Always loved how you speak from heart and are a frank entrepreneur.  We need more women like that in business.

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