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When I Find Myself Censoring My Tweets … To Avoid Spam


I’m starting to wonder how much longer I’ll be a fan of Twitter as a source of conversation. I can still see using it as an information resource, but I find myself tweeting less and less.

Why you ask? Because of the spam @replies. I keep getting them, and I despise them. It seriously feels like an invasion of privacy. So now, every time I go to tweet, I find myself editing out keywords, name brands, and half the time I delete the tweet entirely without posting.

For Instance …

In response to a tweet about writing:

In response to tweeting about an iPad app:

And I’ve had a variety of spam tied to absolutely nothing.

Yes, there are times when tweeting a brand works. I wrote something this morning about AT&T U-Verse and immediately got a response back from someone on their social media team, asking how they could help. But, that was useful. It wasn’t spammy, it wasn’t random, it wasn’t pushing me to another website or to a contest or to a document that I wouldn’t dare open.

How about you? Are you seeing more spam @ replies and does it change what you put out there or do you just ignore it like spam email?



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