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Five Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Tweet-Up


With BlogWorld New York right around the corner, you and your friends might want to consider meeting up. You can have a general tweet-up for anyone in your circle, you can have a tweet-up for people who participate in in a Twitter chat every week, or a Tweet-up for members of your blog community. Meeting old and new friends is one of my favorite parts of BlogWorld, and by taking charge of planning a meeting, you can make sure you actually cross paths with the people you want to see or meet.

If you’re going to plan something, though, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t compete with the event.

Of course, we here at BlogWorld want to see your cute little tushies in seats at sessions, but there’s a more practical reason I’m recommending that you plan tweet-ups when BlogWorld is not happening – people in your group might want to actually attend, and you’ll put them in an awkward situation if you try to plan something at the same time.

  • Choose a budget-friendly option.

You might want to check out that hot new steakhouse or go to a ritzy Manhattan bar for drinks, but be aware that some members of your group might not be able to afford expensive options. You don’t have to eat at McDonald’s, but look for a restaurant or bar that is budget-friendly or plan to meet at one of the office BlogWorld parties.

  • Be open to meeting new people.

You might look forward to seeing your friend from the other side of the world, but at BlogWorld, everyone is being pulled in multiple directions. Instead of insisting on one-on-one time or having an exclusive party, be accommodating. When you welcome friends of friends, you’ll only build a stronger network.

  • Have fun, but monitor your alcohol intake.

The alcohol flows at most conferences, and BlogWorld is no exception. Keep check of how much you drink, though. You don’t want to be hungover for the next day of activities or, worse, forget about all the wonderful conversations you had with other attendees. Have a good time, but pace yourself. If you’re planning a Tweet-up, you might actually want to plan something away from the bars to avoid problems with it.

  • Be safe.

It goes without saying that when you attend any kind of Tweet-up or party, make sure you’re safe – walk home with friends, be aware of your surroundings, etc. If you’re planning a Tweet-up, keep safety in mind. Plan it at a location that is in a safe, well-lit area, and make sure that every can get back to their hotel as easily as possible.

Last year, I attended Tweet-ups and planned them as well – and in both cases, it was a great experience. Networking is really at the core of this event, so I definitely recommend meeting as many people as possible, and don’t be afraid to plan your own to mini-event to ensure you see the people who are important to you!


  • Deena

    Excellent advice Alli! Being open to meeting new people, and having a positive attitude is the first step to becoming a great networker. Whether you’re a freelancer, employee, entrepreneur or looking for the perfect career opportunity, face-to-face networking makes all the difference.

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