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Why Harness the Power of Motivation?


Farnoosh Brock Speaker: Farnoosh Brock
Session: Motivation for the New Media Professional
Date: Thursday, May 26
Time: 11:15AM-12:15PM
Location: Jacob Javits Center 1A17

How much would the world miss out on what we can offer if we stop toiling away at our tasks, projects, passions and dreams right now?

It is impossible to answer this question accurately because we are powerful beyond measure and if we desire it, we can reach heights beyond our wildest imagination with the right determination, single-minded focus, and motivation.

Yet, when everything is poised so perfectly for us to succeed, why can we not rely on motivation to stand its ground and see us through to the end? We can know our own gifts, use our talents, believe in our path, and feel certain that we can make a difference and still, motivation can manage to find a way to run away.

How can we harness our motivation the same way we harness our talents, our gifts and our skills?

The only way to know the power of your own motivation is to know the lack of it. I have known many of those occasions when my massive motivation has deserted me, and with it, I have deserted plans, projects and pursuits.

Without my large dose of daily motivation, my best intentions to accomplish anything come short and my best-laid plans go awry. I believe motivation to be a non-negotiable element in all my pursuits, large or small. Without motivation, my yoga session is missing the inner fire, my writing is missing spirit, and my life is missing color, energy and intensity. With motivation, the dullest and hardest days become worthwhile, the longest hours turn tolerable, and the largest obstacles are removable.

I wanted to speak about Motivation at Blogworld before even knowing whether it would fit the schedule, agenda or the theme of the Blogworld Conference in May. I simply knew that motivation affects us all, be it in the blogging, writing, speaking, or other digital media professional worlds – and I am overjoyed to be speaking on the topic on Thursday, May 26th at 11:15am.

Motivation makes or breaks your success. Motivation holds the key that unlocks your true potential. Motivation enables and empowers you to turn an idea into an action and a dream into a reality.

What price do you put on motivation?

Farnoosh is the founder of Prolific Living, a space about Smart Habits for Rich Living. She talks about turning ideas into actions and fear into motivation. She explores rich living through world travel, yoga, writing, reading, speaking and photography. She is delighted to be speaking at Blogworld in May 2011.


  • Anonymous

    “Motivation makes or breaks your success.” I am right there with you Farnoosh! If we could harness motivation and keep it moving us forward when the climb is steep and overwhelming – it would allow us to achieve our goals faster and with less thoughts of abandoning the pursuit.

    “Motivation enables and empowers you to turn an idea into an action and a dream into a reality.” Your topic of Motivation is perfect for BlogWorld!

    • Farnoosh

      Thank you, Aileen. I am so glad it resonated with you. I am so excited to be giving this talk and I checked in here as I am writing the outline of my speech and was delighted to find your comment. THANK YOU for being there for the talk!

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