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Meet the Blogger: Shane Laing, ShaneLaing.com


Meet the Blogger is a feature here at the BlogWorld blog where we introduce you to some of newest bloggers in various niches. Today, we’re talking with Shane Laing, who blogs at ShaneLaing.com. Check out his interview below, as well as the full list of Meet the Blogger interviews (including instructions for participating).

Allison: Thanks for participating, Shane! Tell us a little about you and your blog.

Shane: My blog is about Classical/Spanish style guitar music with a focus on the atmosphere and vibe that surrounded it during the 19th & 20th century.  I am also hoping I can provide a bit of escapsim for people who visit.

What initially attracted you to blogging and why did you choose to blog about guitars?

Classical/Spanish style guitar music is what I’m really passionate about,  as a classical guitarist myself, I love performing, recording and sharing this music – there’s just something truly magical about it.  The blog provides a place where I can connect with like-minded people who are interested in and who are searching for this type of music. Also, having the blog opens up all kinds of doors for me in terms of the types of people I can connect with, rather than being limited to only a small localized group in my area. I can share my interest with people from all over the world.

What are some of the challenges you’re facing as someone who’s new to blogging?

My challenges are likely very similar to anyone else trying to get their blog going:  Struggles with setup, configuration, technical issues, and of course anytime you’re learning something new like this – it can bring on some serious frustration. But, now that it’s operational, I think it was definitely worth the effort and I am more knowledgeable because of it.

What’s the single most important lesson you’ve learned so far as a blogger?

Relevant and engaging content is key.

What blogging topics do you hope to learn more about in the coming months?

I want to learn more about SEO, how to fine tune the focus on my target audience and how I can improve the value I provide to my readers/visitors.

Bloggers seem to be divided into two categories – those who use their names as a URL and those who use a more general URL relating to their niche. I noticed that you use your name as a URL – what led to this decision?

Given what I do, using my name as the URL for my site seemed like the obvious and best choice from a branding/recognition standpoint.  I think that by having people identify with my name early on, it will make it stick in the mind a bit better and, at the same time, offer some flexibility down the road that a general URL might not be able to provide.

I also noticed that you have your music for sale on your blog, which I think is a really smart move given your niche! Do you you see your blog as a branding tool to help you sell your music?

Yes, most definitely!  I could have gone with the typical semi-static content type of website that a lot of bands/musicians are using.  Certainly it would have been a lot easier to have a static site that is updated every few months as opposed to every few days (like I do with the blog), but a static site just wouldn’t be able to offer the same avenue for creative output, connection and interaction that I get via my blog.  People do have an opportunity to listen to samples of my music on my site and can also purchase it if they wish, but besides that, they also get a glimpse of what is happening with me – the person – not just the brand.   I think the blog removes some of the boundaries between creator and viewer, helps with making it a bit more personal and real than just a typical website.

Thanks for an awesome interview, Shane!  Readers, to check out his blog (and listen to his music), head to ShaneLaing.com and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter @Shane_Laing.


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