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Halogen Media Group/Youcast Merger Will Hopefully Offer New Monetization to Bloggers


Halogen Media Group, a media technology and services firm, today announced that they’ve merged with YouCast, a social advertising and technology firm.

YouCast previously worked to enable Fortune 500 companies to easily target, engage, track and rank influencers – as well as extend the conversation via social media. Whether the influence makers voiced their opinion on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, blogs, video/image sharing sites, or recommendation communities elsewhere, YouCast helped the brands connect and be an indispensable part of the conversation.

Together, YouCast and Halogen will work to expand and refine influencer media offerings across paid and earned media channels to help brands succeed in today’s influence-driven marketplace. It will also help bloggers better monetize their site.

Gregory Shove, Founder and CEO of Halogen tells BlogWorld, “We think that the current display media ad model does not always reward bloggers for their influence and quality of their audience, and nor does the IAB ad format provide for the level of integration that brands want with these audiences. We think that YouCast’s platform enables brands to integrate their content and messaging at a deeper level within blogs, in a more authentic way – and rewards the blogger with both paid and earned media value.

We intend to provide more resources to YouCast so they can build out the functionality of their platform and add more influential bloggers to their brand networks.

YouCast already has a stellar list of brands that they work with – including PepsiCo, GE, Turner Entertainment and the NBA – so it will be great for bloggers to have access to these Fortune 500 companies.

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