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Overheard on #Blogchat: CommentLuv (@womanonajourney)


Do you participate in #blogchat? Every week, this weekly discussion on Twitter focuses on a specific topic and bloggers everywhere are invited to join in. Because I often have more to say than what will fit in 140 characters, every Sunday night (or Monday morning), I post about some of the most interesting #blogchat tweets. Join the conversation by commenting below.

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This Week’s Theme: Open Mic!

On open mic nights on #blogchat, there are always tons of topics covered. Here’s one of the tweets that I found interesting from the dozens of different conversations that happened over the course of the hour:

@womanonajourney: One way to encourage traffic, find blogs that use CommentLuv, it encourages visits to commentors.

When I first started blogging, one piece of advice that I got over and over and over again was that I needed to comment on other blogs. So I did, and ever though I felt that I was leaving valuable, interesting comments, I didn’t see much traffic from that work. About a year into blogging, after still continuously hearing about the importance of commenting on other blogs, I did a little experiment. Over the course of a month, I made it my goal to leave 25 comments per week, across random blogs – and I tracked my change in traffic.

After over 100 comments, my suspicions were confirmed. I got little traffic from my comments, even when left on blogs that got tons of traffic. I noticed in my own behavior too – even when I enjoyed someone’s comment, I would rarely click through to read the person’s blog.

CommentLuv has changed that. When I’m perusing comments on a post I like and the blogger has CommentLuv installed, headlines often catch my eye and convince me to click through. I’ve also noticed that when I comment on a blog that has CommentLuv installed, I do see a little traffic from that comment.

Honestly? Comments are never going to be a huge source of traffic. They might build your brand and help you form relationships with other bloggers, but if you want biggest traffic numbers, SEO, aggregation, guest posts, and other techniques are much more time effective than comments. Still, if you are looking for traffic from your comments, looking for CommentLuv is your best bet.

Have you noticed traffic from CommentLuv? Do you leave comments as a traffic-driving technique? Do you use CommentLuv on your own blog?

Thanks to @womanonajourney for a great conversation point on #blogchat!


  • Bernice Wood

    Thanks Allison!
    It is nice to know that something you actually said on twitter,especially in such a fun and crazy chat as #blogchat, was heard and noticed!
    I do agree, CommentLuv can help, but it won’t make HUGE differences in traffic. I believe it has to be part of an overall strategy like you spoke of, that encompasses many different avenues.
    And, the fact is, it is a simple free WP plugin, it can’t hurt to give it a try!

    • Hesham Zebida

      Hi Alli, Bernice,

      Nice stuff! I just want to say that I agree that comments will never be a “huge” source of traffic for any blog!

      But, I know bloggers who have managed to get good traffic from commenting on other blogs in their niches, they consider it “huge” as it’s really huge part of their traffic.

      So, I think it really depends on what huge traffic means to you!

      I personally don’t focus on comments from the traffic prescriptive, I see it more as a great way to communicate, and generate additional content, considering it’s an important part of blog posts or articles! Many times one comment makes the story!

      I use CommentLuv on all my blogs since few years now, I like it because it gives me one way to award others, not necessarily to give them a linkback, but because I like sometimes to hang out on blogs, so I like to read what they want me to read through the links, from there it could mean a tweet, maybe I will share it on Facebook, maybe more 🙂

  • JudyHelfand

    Hi Alli,
    I really like CommentLuv. But here is what I have found: (1) it is not always stable. Some blogs that have it installed work fine in FireFox and Chrome, but for some reason it does not work in IE8. (2) It seems it cannot be installed on Blogger if you are using Blogger’s Template Designer platform.
    What I like about it is, as you say, so easy to see the commenter’s latest post title…which I have found very useful. I have met a lot of interesting people this way…coming and going.

    A lot of people I know have struggled leaving a comment on my personal blog and even the business blog. This is frustating on many levels.

    I know that Blog World uses DISQUS…did they ever consider CommentLuv(Intense Debate)?


    • Allison Boyer

      I’ve never had a problem with CommentLuv instability, but that would definitely be a downside if it’s a common issue.

      Blogger’s comment system and options are yet another reason I really dislike that platform. I’m a WP fangirl and always recommend people choose WP over Blogger. To each their own, though!

      I wasn’t part of the decision to switch to Disqus (happily, I just write, I don’t have to deal with design). Maybe someone else on the BlogWorld team can weigh in here about the Disqus decision?

    • manysex11

      I use Blogger’s platform and a lot of people I know have struggled
      leaving a comment on my personal blog and even the business blog. This
      is frustating on many levels. 

  • rex

    I have been using Commentluv and Keywordluv for two months already and I keep on commenting on fellow bloggers site often. But I’m just wondering, I still don’t get that much traffic and backlinks. Please advise…Thanks.

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    Blogger comments and options is another reason I really like the fact that the Forum. WP fangirl I am, and always recommend people to choose WP over Blogger. To each his own, though!

    I was not part of the decision to switch to Disqus (fortunately, I have just written, I need not address the design). Maybe someone else on the world team blog can influence the decision to drive here?

  • Generic Viagra

    Booyah! Let’s say that I agree that the comments will never be “overwhelming” the source of traffic the blog!

    But I know that bloggers have managed to get a good traffic commented on other blogs in their niches, they consider it a “great” because it is really a large part of traffic.


  • Sarahjane

    Hi Alli, I’ve just started using commentluv and love it but I don’t think it should be considered as a primary traffic source (not that I suggest you are doing that). Nothing beats free organic traffic but I do like the it grabs the title of your last post which stands out. Pretty cool.

  • Alfee

    CommentLuv works wonderful to bring in traffic, provided you have good headlines and blog post titles in the first place. Like you, Allison, I seldom go over to other commenters’ blogs but there’s a gravity pulling me when CommentLuv displays an irresistable blog post title of the commenter. I’m guessing if it works on me, it must work on other people too.

  • Julie

    Been using CommentLuv for a week now and I must say it has made things so much easier for me. I am looking out for a list of dofollow site that I can post comments onto 🙂

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