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BlogWorld Speakers: How Are You Promoting Your Sessions?


We’re just about a month away from BlogWorld “East.” This is our first time on this coast and we’re excited about reaching a brand new audience…and we hope you are too. This conference is especially geared towards the digital content creators and social media professionals who would have liked to attend previous BlogWorlds but couldn’t because of budget or travel concerns.  Speakers, here is your chance to present to a whole new demographic.

We’re doing all we can to promote the heck out of BlogWorld East, and we’re requesting our speakers do their part as well.

Here are a few ways you can spread the word:

  • Get on Twitter: Many of you have quite the reach on Twitter. Many of you also have fans who would come to see you speak in a heartbeat if they know you’re in the area. Tell them why they’ll benefit from your session.
  • Ditto Facebook: If you’re reaching friends and fans via Facebook or fan pages, use the space to promote your session.
  • Create an event: Use Facebook, Eventbrite, Plancast or other event planning apps to invite friends and followers to your sessions.
  • Blog: Write a post about your session for your blog. Tell readers what your presentation is about, and what they’ll walk away with. Send us the link and we’ll help to promote it.
  • Write a post for the BlogWorld blog. We ask all speakers to submit a guest post for the BlogWorld blog. Tell our community about your presentation. We’ll make sure they see it. (Contact Nikki@blogworldexpo.com to submit your guest post)
  • Create a video: Talk about who you are and what you’ll be speaking about at BlogWorld.

We’re always promoting our content and speakers, but we can only do so much. It’s also up to you to let friends, fans and followers know about your presentation.

How are you promoting your session?


  • Black Seo Guy

    All these things will sooner or later get out tho thousands of people..I have already seen a couple tweets here and there..so i know it already in the makings..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • Ainslie

    I highly recommend Guest Posting here at Blogworld – I have had a Guest Post and an interview up here in the last six weeks and the support I have received from the Blogging community has been great.

    I would add emailing newsletter subscribers a plug for you and the conference as well. You are not just promoting the conference but you can give your readers a sneak peak of your topic and maybe test some of your ideas.


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