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Are You Leveraging Conversation Wherever It Happens?


Speaker: Srinivas Rao
Session: Leveraging Conversation Wherever it Happens: 365 Days to Turning Your Brand Into a Household Name
Date: Tuesday, May 24
Time: 9:00am-10:00am
Location: Jacob Javits Center 1A10

You’ve no doubt heard phrases like “build a community, create a tribe and participate in the conversation.” Sometimes they seem like broad generalizations and don’t really give us any sense of what exactly they mean. They’re simply buzzwords and if we don’t take the time to understand them, they’re essentially meaningless. Conversation in the online world is dynamic, it evolves and it happens across numerous platforms.

I recently talked about the importance of an intimacy strategy for social media where I dissected how intimate you can get with with every social media tool at your disposal. Many of us get caught in the trap that conversation is limited to our blogs and to twitter. But it’s really going on everywhere. It’s happening on Facebook walls, it’s happening in Skype chats, it’s happening at live events, it’s happening via email. It’s going on 24-7 and until you learn how to leverage it, you’re limiting your potential for growing your blog or business. The days of operating in a vacuum where you only talk to the people who can do something for you or buy your product are over. Today we’re in an age where we’re forced to look beyond our business and think about the value we can provide for those who might not ever be our customers because in conversation is where opportunities open up.

So how do you get started? Here are few basics:

  • Email a Reader: You’ll be amazed at what an email to one of your readers might accomplish. Just a simple note telling them you appreciate their commitment to show up everyday could go a long way. They have thousands of blogs the could read, but they’re reading yours.
  • Get on Skype: If you ask me, skype chats and IM is where real relationships are built and real business gets done. People want to talk to people and these platforms take everything to the next level.
  • Go to Meetup: If you can make it a live event in your town to meet the people you’ve been talking to on Twitter, then do it. Don’t see any live events going on? Then it’s a perfect opportunity for you to plan one.

During my session at Blogworld, I’ll be going into extensive detail about leveraging conversation wherever it happens, where I’ll talk about:

  • Building a Powerful Network with Only 150 Followers
  • Developing Relationships with Other Bloggers
  • Looking Beyond Your Business and the Opportunities that Open Up
  • Getting Over the Guest Posting Hurdle
  • How to Turn Your Readers into a Loyal Tribe
  • Turning Your Brand or Blog into a Household Name in 365 Days


  • TheWalkingDead'Cast

    Looks great! You’re right, I HAVE heard all those phrases about creating a tribe and participating in the conversation, and some clarification about what really works would be awesome. Looking forward to your talk.

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