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BlogWorld NY 2011 Track Preview: Social Media Business Summit


In case you missed our newsletter this morning (What? You haven’t signed up? There’s a box right there to your right) here’s a preview of the Social Media Business Summit Track for BlogWorld NY! Hope to see you there.

Social Media Business Summit Highlight

David Griner, Dave Peck, Stephanie Agresta, Jason Falls

Fail: Social Media Disasters and What We Can Learn From Them

David Griner (Social Media Strategist, blogger at Luckie & Company) and Dave Peck, (Director of Community for Meshin, and profiled on CNBC and Current TV) made such a splash at last year’s Expo that we brought them back for more!  This time the veteran social media strategists focus on marketing and PR fails, and will walk through candid case studies of brands that have faced down an angry Internet – and sometimes came out better for it. (Click here for date & time)

The Rise of Social Media Commerce: How Consumers Are the New Affiliates

E-tailers understand the power of online purchasing, but how does sharing deals, shopping tips and bargain hunting via social networks and communities impact the online shopping experience?  Stephanie Agresta (internetgeekgirl.com) discusses leveraging traditional e-commerce acquisition strategies to drive social commerce results.  This session covers the fundamental change from solo to group shopping, and provides case studies on successful campaigns. (Click here for date & time)

The No B.S. Guide To Blogs and Brands

Big brands want to reach emerging audiences on your niche blogs and online communities, but misbehaving bloggers have led many of them to lose trust and faith in blogs as reliable sponsorship outlets. Jason Falls (socialmediaexplorer.com), social media marketing educator, speaker and writer, addresses the issue with real information and strategies to help you build mutually beneficial relationships with brands, and how and when to cut ties with misbehaving bloggers.
(Click here for date & time)

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