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Say Good-Bye to Yahoo Buzz This Week


Do you have a Yahoo Buzz icon on your blog posts? Time to get rid of them. Yahoo announced this morning that their social media aggregation attempt is being discontinued.

Yahoo! Buzz will be discontinued as of April 21, 2011. As of this date, you will be unable to access the Yahoo! Buzz site. This was a hard decision. However this will help us focus on our core strengths and new innovations.

We appreciate your patronage.

Yahoo Buzz was introduced back in February 2008, and websites were encouraged to place the button on their pages and posts. If someone liked your blog post, they could Buzz it up and Yahoo would include the most-Buzzed items on their site. But it never caught on quite as much as the other Social media icons. (In fact, we never even put it up here on the BlogWorld blog.)

Late last year news hit the web that Yahoo planned to “sunset” Buzz … along with as Delicious, AltaVista, MyBlogLog, Yahoo! Bookmarks, Yahoo! Picks, and AlltheWeb. Of those, MyBlogLog and AllTheWeb have already been shut down, but they publicly stated that they are looking for a new home for Delicious.

This news makes me wonder … which social media icons do you include in your blog? And what do you find that people use most? When it comes to showing my support for a post – I typically push it to my audience in Twitter or Facebook. I personally VERY rarely use Digg, StumbleUpon, or Reddit. Do you?



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