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A Blogger’s Love Letter


Today, I have a love letter to write, to an unlikely source, perhaps, but a love letter nonetheless. I probably won’t get a response, but there’s something out there that, as a blogger, I love more than anything else – more than WordPress, more than Twitter, more than anything.

So here we go…this is my love letter, as a blogger, to what I love most:

Dear Email Address,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Because of you, I am able to run my business nearly 100% online, with true entrepreneur freedom. Thank you for being a part of me life.

So many people take you for granted. They complain about having to answer the people who contact us through you, and sometimes ever complain that you’re not personal enough. I say, let the haters hate. I love you. Yes, I get overwhelmed with emails at times, but imagine how horrible it would be to be overwhelmed by phone conversations instead. I will say it again: I love you.

Speaking of phone calls, I love how efficient you are in comparison. I have a written record of everything discussed, so there’s fewer problems or confusion. I can have contact with readers without worrying that someone creepy is going to start phoning me at all hours. You’re so inviting. Few readers would probably take the time to call me, but because you are an option, I hear from people more often.

And, I can use you at all times, even at three in the morning when most sane people are asleep. You make it possible to contact people from around the world without figuring out time zones or worrying that you’ll catch someone at a bad time. You also make it possible for me to avoid talking to people when I’m half-asleep or taking a break – I can get back to someone in the morning instead. Which brings me to yet another reason I love you: I can take some time and be thoughtful about my replies. I don’t have to give an answer immediate like when I’m on the phone. I can think about my answer to someone and even read over my reply before hitting the sent button. As someone with constant foot-in-mouth syndrome, you’re a godsend.

I would say “never change,” but every time you do, you only get better and easier for me to use. So please, continue to change, to evolve, to make my life better. I will continue to love you.

Always yours,


In all seriousness, we do spend a lot of time complaining about email – but think of how hard it would be to be a blogger without email! This post was inspired by Deb’s recent status update on the BlogWorld Facebook page (and my unapologetic hatred of unnecessary phone calls).


  • Hannahmarcotti

    I could not agree more. Such love, thank you Alli!!!!

  • Deb Ng

    Actually, I prefer phone calls to a lot of back and forth emails. I can get more accomplished with a 30 minute phone call then an initial email, so it has its benefits. I don’t hate the phone at all – I find it more personal and effective. I just find it interesting how we’re no longer keeping “business hours.”

    • Allison Boyer

      I think my hatred of the phone also comes from my anxiety problems. I feel like I have more control to edit what I say and give thoughtful answers with email. I know a lot of people who prefer phone calls though, so I don’t think you’re alone, Deb!

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